Dr. Wendell Johnsons Monster Study: The Case Of An Experiment

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Dr. Wendell Johnsons Monster Study: The Case Of An Experiment

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5 Psychology Experiments You Couldn't Do Today

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But sometimes they not only break it, they do so in the worst way imaginable. They have used humans as experimental guinea pigs for their tests. In many cases, the test subjects were either kept in ignorance about what an experiment involved or they were simply in no position to offer their resistance or consent. Of course, it may well be the case that such dubious methods produced results. Indeed, some of the most controversial experiments of the past century produced results that continue to inform scientific understanding to this day.

But that will never mean such experiments will be seen as just. Sometimes, the perpetrators of cruel research lose their good names or reputations. Or sometimes they just get away with it. You might want to brace yourself as we look at the ten weirdest and cruelest human experiments carried out in history:. But perhaps few were crueler than the experiments that were conducted at Unit Part of the Imperial Japanese Army, this was a super-secret unit dedicated to undertaking research into biological and chemical weapons. Quite simply, the Imperial authority wanted to build weapons that were deadlier — or just crueler — than anything that had gone before. Based in Harbon, the biggest city of Manchuko, the part of north-east China that Japan made its puppet state, Unit was constructed between and Overseeing its construction was General Shiro Ishii.

Though he was a medical doctor, Ishii was also a fanatical soldier and so he was happy to set his ethics aside in the name of total victory for Imperial Japan. John Watson was a psychologist who loved using orphans in his experiments. He wanted to test whether fear was innate or conditioned, a theory of behaviorism, which he coined. Watson used a nine-month old as a test subject, which he named Little Albert. He placed Albert in a hospital, where he exposed him to a rabbit, rat, monkey, various masks, wool, burning newspapers, and other items for two months without any conditioning.

Conditioning is when a stimulus becomes more and more constant and frequent in a given environment. Albert was placed on a mattress in the centre of the room. A white lab rat was also place alongside him. After this had been completed several times, Albert associated the white rat with the loud noise, and was now afraid of white, furry objects. Unfortunately, Albert was never desensitized to his fear, and lived with it for the rest of his life.

Seligman and Maier had three groups of dogs that were fastened by harnesses. Group One dogs were released after a short amount of time with no harm done. This was the control group. Group Two dogs were paired up and leashed together, while one from each pair of dogs were given electric shocks, which could be prevented by pressing a lever. Group Three dogs were also paired up and leashed together, one of whom received shocks, but these shocks never ended, even when the lever was pressed. Group Three dogs had symptoms of clinical depression at the end. Later on, for additional testing, group three dogs were placed in a box by themselves. These animals were shocked but could avoid it by jumping out of the box. They simply gave up, having displayed the concept of learned helplessness.

I find that this study is extremely fascinating because of its setup. This test was set up so that participants were teachers, and the learner was an actor. The shrieks and shouts were pre-recorded. After a certain number of shocks, there was no sound emerging from the room, giving the impression that they had died. Milgram wanted to know whether individuals are capable of harming a stranger, and he got a pretty definitive answer.

The vast majority of his test subjects would use the maximum voltage on the student. Harlow is notoriously known for his rhesus monkey experiments concerning social isolation. He placed infant monkeys which had bonded with their mothers into devices with no contact with their mothers for periods of up to one year. The majority of these monkeys never recovered. He concluded from his trials that even a normal childhood can still result in depression later on in life. He had no respect for animals, or humans in fact, leaving his legacy in psychology books.

This study is extremely disturbing. Money circumcised an 8-month old boy. While in the procedure, Dr. The doctor had intentionally used the wrong tool for this outcome. A sex change. His parents were originally very opposed to the idea but they accepted it later on. The story behind Dr. Money was that he wanted to say that nurture, not nature determined gender identity. Money then constructed female genatalia into the subject, who was now Brenda. This is a frightening thought.

Money then reported this experiment as a success, even though there were many negative effects listed by Brenda. Brenda acted much like a regular boy, and had conflicted feelings about life. Worst of all, she was never informed of the sex change. Her mother was suicidal, her father was an alcoholic, and her brother was severely depressed. She was finally told that she was born a male at age 14!

Brenda then stopped taking hormonal supplements, and committed suicide at age What do we learn from these studies? Well, despite what we think, we may be badly attributing students with characteristics in the high school system. Filed under Interesting Information Tagged with psychology You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.

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