This Life I Live Movie Analysis

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This Life I Live Movie Analysis

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View All Photos Movie Info. As conflict in Europe escalates, an American teen Saoirse Ronan fights to survive in the English countryside. Kevin Macdonald. Nov 8, limited. Feb 11, Magnolia Pictures. Saoirse Ronan Daisy. Tom Holland Isaac. Anna Chancellor Aunt Penn. George MacKay Edmund. Harley Bird Piper. Corey Johnson Consular Official. Danny McEvoy Joe. Natasha Jonas Natasha. Kevin Macdonald Director. Jeremy Brock Screenwriter. Penelope Skinner Screenwriter. Tony Grisoni Screenwriter. Andrew Ruhemann Producer. John Battsek Producer.

Charles Steel Producer. Alasdair Flind Producer. Tessa Ross Executive Producer. Robert Walak Executive Producer. Piers Wenger Executive Producer. Nigel Williams Executive Producer. Franz Lustig Cinematographer. Jinx Godfrey Film Editor. Jon Hopkins Original Music. Jacqueline Abrahams Production Design. Astrid Sieben Art Director. Philippa Hart Set Decoration.

Jane Petrie Costume Designer. Nina Gold Casting. View All Critic Reviews Jan 21, Kevin Macdonald is crafting out some very unique films but this film had me sitting in the middle. Visually the film is great and some of the depictions of war atrocities are hard hitting but quite empty when you compare it to the rest of the films. The characters are introduced and you have a considerable amount of time with them but after the invasion and attack they are completely ignored. There was a better film here and the casting of Ronan suggested quality but sadly this didn't come to fruition.

The film really comes undone in the final third and you get no answers on what is happening or the why, something that could have been covered in the final third. The characters are quite empty in the end and if the filmmakers weren't going to give answers, they really needed to have a strong character driven film. Brendan N Super Reviewer. Jul 20, This really just wasn't that good. This starts off interestingly enough, but just gets boring pretty quickly.

I also feel like the characters don't react rationally to everything. There's times when they freak out over small things, and when they should be going crazy and running away, they practically don't give a shit. It doesn't make any sense. When they get shot at, or are in direct combat, they barely seem to care, compared to how much they freak out about having enough food or water. And then when London gets fucking nuked they're basically just like, well okay that sucks. Maybe the book does a better job of telling the story, because this movie sure as hell doesn't. Stephen S Super Reviewer. Jul 13, Although the film starts off quite slow, I thought it ended up being a very interesting portrayal of war, and what you would do survive.

I didn't care for the voices that Daisy heard in her head. It was kind of distracting. I didn't care much for the incest either. I would eyeroll anytime she dreamed about him shirtless too. I mean, the film certainly wasn't the best thing ever, but I thought it really got interesting once the war broke out, and they got separated. May 02, It focuses too much on the under-developed teen romance and seems to gloss over the fact that there's a war going on.

Every time it seems about to confront the truth of the situation, it instead switches to the love story, as though afraid to go there. Growing up, the ever curious Pi becomes attracted to religion and the meaning of life, a spiritual journey that the film treats with a respectful wit as the boy rejects his father's rationalism and creates a personal amalgam of Hinduism, Christianity and Islam. His faith is tested as an adolescent when his father is forced to give up the family zoo, where Pi realises he's been as much a captive as the animals themselves.

A Japanese freighter becomes a temporary ark on which the Patel family take the animals to be sold in Canada. But it's struck by a storm as dramatic as anything ever put on the screen, and Pi becomes a combination of Noah, Crusoe, Prospero and Job. Alone above the Mariana Trench, the deepest part of the Pacific, he's an orphan captaining a lifeboat with only a zebra, a hyena, a female orang-utan and the gigantic Bengal tiger Richard Parker for company.

This is grand adventure on an epic scale, a survival story that takes up half the movie. It's no Peaceable Kingdom like Edward Hicks's charming early 19th-century painting, where the lion sleeps with the lamb. This is a Darwinian place that Pi must learn to command. Using state-of-the-art 3D and digitally created beasts, Lee and his team of technicians make it utterly real, as they do a mysterious island that briefly provides a dangerously seductive haven. The days at sea are a test of physique, mental adaptation and faith, and Suraj Sharma makes Pi's spiritual journey as convincing as his nautical one. He confronts thirst and starvation, finds a modus vivendi with the fierce tiger, endures and wonders at a mighty storm, a squadron of flying fish, a humpbacked whale, a school of dolphins, a night illuminated by luminous jellyfish.

This brave new world is observed by a young Chilean director of photography, appropriately named Claudio Miranda. The movie does for water and the sea what Lawrence of Arabia did for sand and desert, and one thinks of what Alfred Hitchock, who used 3D so imaginatively in his film of Dial M For Murder , might have done on his wartime Lifeboat had he been given such technical facilities.

This poetic Life of Pi concludes with a fascinating, deliberately prosaic coda that raises questions about the reality of what we've seen and confronts the teleological issues involved. The Observer Ang Lee. Life of Pi — review. The versatile Ang Lee brings Yann Martel's tale of shipwreck and spirituality to the big screen in magnificent fashion.

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