The Birds (story)

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The Birds (story)

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The Birds - Part 1

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If you wish to stay, may God have mercy on your soul. If you're a bird, however, come on in! You'll love it here! But remember, this is a fanon wiki, so do not post real information unless you have permission to whatsoever. This wiki is in desperate need of cleanup. If possible, please help in any way you can. Angry Birds Story is not like other fanon wikis. While most Angry Birds fanon wikis you know create new characters and games, we create new characters and write stories about them. Angry Bird Story follows the adventures of Daniel, a brave red bird who likes to wear goggles and newsboy caps, his stepbrother Ryan, a speedy bubble-gum loving yellow bird, their cousin Tyler, a very comedic orange bird, Tyler's brother Lewis, a blue "Glasses Bird" with a knack for adventure, and maybe even YOU!

Want to contribute to their adventures? Whether you're already a user or even just a wiki contributor, this wiki welcomes both to edit appropriately and kindly. You can create your own bird character and write a page as well as a story about it. At this wiki, the adventure.. This wiki has many characters made by many people, but four of them are known as main characters. Who are these birds? Remember to always be nice to people on this wiki!

Don't harass or be mean to other users, you will be blocked if you do so. Nobody wants to be cyberbullied, and neither do you! The characters are copyrighted from the franchise. As of August , the game has been downloaded over million times on its various platforms. Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and other toys are hungry, and there is no food left in Andy Davis's house's refrigerator. They decided to steal the birds' eggs.

The birds got angry and the game starts. The bird is on a slingshot. The player fires the slingshot, so it will hit the toys' defense. It is like Angry Birds. Angry Birds Fanon Wiki Explore. He took shelters under a tree near the cave. This tree was also the shelter of the first bird. This Bird in the company of robber had become like the robber and talked like them too. He alarmed the robber that someone has come here, take his jewels and the horse and kill him. King heard the bird and runway from the cave. During the course of running, the king arrived an ashram which accompanies the second bird. The king narrated the bird about the previous incident. He got the company of robbers and has become like them.

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