Affinity Sarah Waters Summary

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Affinity Sarah Waters Summary

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Review: Affinity

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Soldiers were billeted in its rooms during the recent war. Two centuries of wear and weather have taken their toll, and the taxes on the British gentry are too high for the family to bear. They attempt to reconcile their family legacy with the reality of having no money to keep it up. Faraday too is conflicted as he recounts how his family sacrificed everything including his mother's health and life to give him his education.

He laments that he has not achieved anything with it and he visits Hundreds Hall vacillating between being flattered and feeling unworthy of knowing a family like the Ayreses. They, however, seem resolute about being unable to afford the upkeep of the house and once Roderick is gone, Caroline and Mrs Ayres are ambivalent about staying in the house. It is Faraday who is most indignant about the family being forced to sell their land and possessions. Faraday is an unreliable narrator , and reviewers noted the slight discrepancies in what he says to the family as their doctor and his devotion to the house at their expense.

Near the end, as Faraday attempts to explain reasonably and scientifically why the family for which he has grown so fond is falling apart, he wonders what must be eating them alive; a friend blurts, "Something is It's called a Labour government. For me, my interest in the past is closely linked to my interest in the present, in the historical process of how things lead to others. Waters' writing was well-received upon the publication of her first novel, Tipping the Velvet , a story set in Victorian London.

She began writing in her early thirties while completing a dissertation in English literature about gay and lesbian fiction from the s onward. Not enjoying expository writing, she attempted fiction and finding that she liked it, followed Tipping the Velvet with Affinity , another Victorian-set novel with gothic themes, and Fingersmith , also Victorian yet more of a Dickensian crime drama. All three have significant lesbian themes and characters; Waters often labels them as "Victorian lesbo romps".

For The Little Stranger , Waters diverted from overt lesbian themes, but incorporated other elements from previous books. A character in Affinity talks to spirits of the dead; the setting of Fingersmith is a large country estate inhabited by a small family and house staff; The Night Watch is set in post-WWII Britain with characters who are somewhat at a loss with what to do following the upheaval of war. I wanted to write about what happened to class in that post-war setting. It was a time of turmoil in exciting ways. Working class people had come out of the war with higher expectations. They had voted in the Labour government. They want change So it was a culture in a state of change. But obviously for some people it was a change for the worse.

Waters is well known for the immense amount of research she conducts for her novels. Groundwork for The Night Watch also found its way into The Little Stranger ; after this probing she concluded was "a miserable year". Much of her time preparing for this novel was spent in Warwickshire estate homes and local newspaper archives. I read a lot of novels from the period. And diaries were a wonderful resource. I also watched films from that period and went to museums and archives to look at ephemera from the period. I like to try to capture the idiom and slang A writer at that time wouldn't have used profanity in a respectable novel. But if you look at diaries or letters, people were swearing all the time, in very modern-sounding ways.

One of the excitements about writing about the past from the present is that you can put in a lot of the details that the mainstream novelists of the time couldn't because of the conventions of the time. Upon its release on 28 May , reception to the novel was mostly positive. Kirkus Reviews was similarly pleased with Waters's detail, but considered the relaxing of tension in crucial places and Faraday's sometimes second-hand narration of events in Hundreds Hall flawed. They write, however, that Waters "work[s] in traditions established by Edgar Allan Poe, Sheridan le Fanu and Wilkie Collins, expertly teasing us with suggestive allusions to the classics of supernatural fiction.

A subtle clue planted in one character's given name neatly foreshadows, then explains, the Ayres family's self-destructive insularity. They lie, instead, with the author's uncanny ability to paint her characters and their world and to seduce the reader into following along with her. Hundreds Hall is a pretty gloomy place, but I was thrilled to spend time there, under the guidance of this supremely gifted storyteller. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Book by Sarah Waters. Retrieved on 15 September Reproduced in Biography Resource Center.

There are hidden depths to Sarah Waters The best fiction of , Salon. Retrieved on 29 January Works of Sarah Waters. Tipping the Velvet Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Italiano Suomi Edit links. N Nat. A network of knowledge to grow together. Sustainability is at the foundation of a. Pervasive technology and total control. With over 25 years experience in the flavor and food ingredient industries. Natural Advantage was formed over seventeen years ago to supply the growing demand for natural food and flavor ingredients.

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