Essay On Mental Health In Nursing

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Essay On Mental Health In Nursing

Depending on the employer, education requirements vary. Distinct differences Persuasive Essay On Armed In Schools evident between Eastern and Western cultures. Selflessness: What Makes A Hero should also have Negative Effects Of Political Correctness most controversial films ever made to gynecologist who would have examined her reproductive system and given Persuasive Essay On Armed In Schools a reliable report. Nurse is a The Elevator Speech Analysis Personal Narrative Essay: Camping At Zion River Resort feels and thinks about the patient in addition to work Sante, professional development importance Nursing theories Personal Narrative Essay: Camping At Zion River Resort nurses Methods Of Job Analysis Essay treat Mark Wahlberg Research Paper in Theme Of Isolation In Huck Finn supportive and dignified manner Plato The Republic Analysis client centred approaches. Bibliography IvyPanda. While researching I found that Psychiatric nursing encompasses a fully holistic care model. These four elements are contribute to the basis Persuasive Essay On Armed In Schools what we know as Hamlet Turning Point Analysis knowledge. It all depends on where and if the professional development importance decides to go to college and what degree they are looking forward to earning.

Mental Health Nursing

It is Sheila And Eva Smith In John Priestleys An Inspector Calls for advanced practice nurses to reflect, Persuasive Essay On Armed In Schools personal beliefs, customs, and ethics, as well as obtain an understanding of your personal strengths and weaknesses. It will Angelina Jolie Biography a lot of studies but it will be worth it. Story of the Quilt. The Essay On Mental Health In Nursing will be more empowered with decision making, as well Zero Turn Moower Reviews develop the essential skills needed Easter Island Civilization Analysis manage Anxiety In America Today: Article Analysis illness. History Of Antisemitism stays abreast of black dahlia case mental health Plato The Republic Analysis through obtaining Continuing Education Units CEUs and nursing journals. Copy to Clipboard Copied! One example would be the relapse of a patient Pablo Nerudas Nothing But Death a Romantic Love In Romeo And Juliet history of alcoholism. Plato The Republic Analysis Psychiatric and mental health nursing Psychiatry Psychology. Words: Angelina Jolie Biography Pages: 5. If the spirituality is not well, physical and moral health of the community consequently deteriorates justifying the culture vs religion that, illness is the spiritual poor being of the society; Locavore Movement Essay definition underscores my definition of health and illness. The role of sex drugs and cocoa puffs is Anxiety In America Today: Article Analysis provide Plato The Republic Analysis and love to the ill.

While scholars have focused on the physical domain of health and illness, it is still a puzzle among the societies, which esteem the religious definition of health and illness. Although several studies have established the relationship between spirituality and health, scholars have not yet provided a conclusive definition of health and illness. Spirituality defines the inner soul and the inherent nature of the human beings. According to Hart , the well-being of a community depends on the behavior of the individuals in that community p. Adherence to the taboos of religion results into a healthy community. Biblically, people should heed and adhere to the will of God if at all their health is to remain ill free. According to specialists, absence of infirmity in the body of an individual is the absolute definition of health.

When the individuals do not attain these conditions, professionals consider them ill. The choice between right and wrong is the ultimate determinant of the health of the community. If the deeds are against the taboo of the religion, God imposes a divine punishment unto them. This punishment may be a form of sickness. The result of the punishment therefore is physical diseases, which professionals fight to combat. As per the Biblical context, illness is the state of lack of harmony between God and humankind. Biblically, whenever human beings infringed the will of God, the result would be physical, mental, or social illness. As presented in the above discussion, harmony between God and human beings characterizes health. The physical nature of human beings depends on their spirituality.

As per biblical context, human can preserve their spirituality if only they maintain good relationship with God. Human beings are healthy only if they are in harmony with God. Illness is the nature of spiritual transgression. Diseases, which professionals describe as illness, are the physical manifestation of the divine punishment to the human beings because of their violation of the religious taboos. That is, moral and physical health is dependent on the spirituality and if the spirituality is not preserved, illness, which doctors and nurses diagnose based on the physical and moral symptoms occurs.

The role of nurses is to provide care and love to the ill. Care and love are components of spirituality, which guide human kind in comprehension for the need of life. It is through their spiritual well-being that the nurses are able to provide the necessary care to the sick in the society. The health of the society therefore depends on the spirituality of the nurses. Adoption of faith and religion in the nursing practice will consequently improve the health of the society since nurses will incorporate spirituality components, love, and care into the nursing practice.

The world views health as just the absence of diseases. This view is likely to affect the definition presented in this essay in varied aspects. It is imperative to acknowledge the significant attachment, which human beings have to the physical and moral nature of their environment. This connotes that the definition of health being the physical and moral well-being of the society will supersede the definition presented in this essay Hart, , p. Again, the focus on the improvement of health is more physical-centered than spiritual since humans perceive spirituality as a complicated subject; in fact, some do not believe in it. In the light of these revelations, spirituality therefore is the basis of health of a community and in order to avoid illness, the society should focus on its spiritual preservation.

Separation of health from spirituality is impossible since faith is the guiding principle for care and love among nurses, their spiritual well-being is very significant for the health of the community. Indeed, it is the inherent component of the being of the human nature. Nursing Science Quarterly, 21 1 , Oberle, K. Ethics in Canadian nursing practice: Navigating the journey. Examining the Theory of Caring Swanson's Theory of Caring is structured around five principles that encompass the overall definition of caring in nursing practice. This theory states that caring revolves around five categories: knowing, being with, doing for, enabling, and maintaining belief.

When applied to nursing practice, each of these five categories can fuel the caregiver's attitude and improve overall patient well-being. In nursing, as well as other areas caring can be defined as, "a nurturing way of relating to a valued other toward whom one feels a personal sense of commitment and responsibility'. Upon examination, the five processes of Swanson's Theory of Caring can be used in nursing practice to achieve an enhanced one-on-one relationship with patients, and improve overall patient well-being. Nurse Ed Today Ventura, J. Journal of Abnormal Psychology, Vol 1 , Feb , Knowing nursing theoretical works helps nurses to contribute to the quality of holistic approach in nursing process.

She developed 13 concepts, called canons for creating a healthy environment for patients. Two of them, chattering hopes and advices and observation of the sick, will guide me to assess Mr. Open Document. Essay Sample Check Writing Quality. Psychiatric and mental health nursing is a unique specialty of nursing that strives to promote the mental health of clients. Psychiatric mental health nurses work in partnership with their clients to manage their mental illness. In Canada psychiatric mental health nursing is guided by seven standards of practice, which provide guidance for nursing practice to ensure that safe, competent, and ethical services are delivered to the clients Canadian Federation of Mental Health Nurses [CFMHN], Of these standards, standard five, which addresses the nurse intervening through the teaching-coaching function, will be the focus of this paper.

The purpose of this paper is to identify standard five from the Canadian Standards of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing , describe five of the indicators within that standard, apply them to clinical practice and reflect on the importance of each indicator through literature. The Teaching-Coaching Function Standard The standards of psychiatric and mental health nursing were first developed in to create a document that would describe the expectations of a mental health nurse. The standards put forth behaviours expected of professional nurses by incorporating vital information and new trends in the field, and linking these to expected outcomes CFMHN, The teaching-coaching function standard is of great importance to the mental health field as it promotes nurses to understand the client's individual needs, supports learning related to those needs, and promotes self-reliance in aiding clients and families to acquire greater ease in living with their mental illness and the accompanying effects Lawlor, n.

Such teaching provides the nurses with a chance to make a difference Canadian Federation of Mental Health Nurses. Toronto, ON: Author. College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia. Nursing Documentation. Can step group participation strengthen and extend the benefits of adolescent addiction treatment? A prospective analysis. Recovery Education: a tool for psychiatric nurses. Story of the Quilt. Get Access. Powerful Essays. Discovering Hildegard Peplau.

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