Foolishness In Uglies

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Foolishness In Uglies

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It was a vital node of navigational channels, and its countless manufactorums supplied munitions to Astra Militarum regiments throughout the Armageddon Sector and beyond. No force in the galaxy could now stop Wurld Killa from crash-landing onto Armageddon. Guided by his visions, Ghazghkull did not wish to halt his flight; rather, he welcomed the headlong plunge towards the world below. The acceleration built, and he bellowed joyous war cries as the hull blazed with fire and the hulk thundered down from Armageddon's sky like a scrap-iron avalanche. Up until this point, Ghazghkull had only made a name for himself on Urk -— a little known and soon-to-be dead star system.

Soon, however, his name would send ripples of fear across hundreds of thousands of worlds. Now, Ghazghkull was on a collision course with greatness. Surrounding Imperial fleets, long-ranged missiles and the planet's orbital defence lasers did their best to stave off the inevitable. Their firepower managed to shear away a few chunks of the oncoming Space Hulk, but they could not stop the terminal dive of Wurld Killa , nor could they alter its course. Although shorn of a good deal of its mass by the desperate salvoes, the enormous Space Hulk plunged through Armageddon's polluted atmosphere to crash-land upon its largest continent, Armageddon Prime.

The deep impact of the landing shook the entire world, and its blast wave caused untold devastation. A cloud of debris shrouded the sun. Hundreds of thousands of Orks were instantly immolated by the cataclysmic contact of the landing. Their losses, however, were but a tiny fraction of their number. As the shock faded, a few of the Orks realised that they should all have died in that epic crash.

Ghazghkull claimed it was the protection of the gods, although the force field projector absorbing the brunt of that impact doubtlessly helped. Regardless, the Orks roared their approval at being alive after the exhilarating ride. Eager to release their pent-up aggression, they poured out of drop ramps or simply blasted new exit holes through the already torn and rent ruins of the remaining hulls. Ghazghkull divided his followers into five distinct hordes, each under one of his most powerful Warlords.

These were leaders Ghazghkull had subdued upon Urk, ferocious Orks that had learned by fighting alongside him. With a wave of his Power Klaw, Ghazghkull launched endless columns of Ork war machines and living seas of green-skinned infantry. With one voice, many millions bellowed. He was a thunderbolt from a clear sky. Ghazghkull leads his greenskin horde during the invasion of Armageddon.

The defenders of Armageddon were not ready for what hit them. The Astra Militarum and the Planetary Defence Forces of Armageddon may have been well-equipped, but they were wholly unprepared for the waves of violence that swept over their armies. It was clear that the humans underestimated the strategic ability of their foes. Although none of his sub-commanders displayed the sheer audacity and cunning of their master, Ghazghkull had beat enough into their skulls about tactics for some of it to stick. They easily overwhelmed the Planetary Defence Force legions that advanced out of the planet's hive cities to contain them.

First, the Orks launched assaults to pin the foe in place on the flat ash wastes, while biker mobs and Battlewagon brigades raced around to encircle their foes, cutting off their supply lines. Then the greenskins tightened the noose. They set up their Mek Gun batteries to pummel the panicked defenders left in the ever-shrinking cauldron. Desperate attempts to break out were met by gunlines.

Mercilessly, the Orks mowed down anything that moved, guffawing at the lines of 'umies that advanced to meet only death, aping their final curses as they twitched their last upon the bloodstained ash. With the plains cleared, the Orks advanced on the hive cities and there they were astounded. Built atop sprawling ashblown desert wastes, the hives rose up taller than mountains. These were the great factory-cities of the Imperium, the lifeblood of its non-stop war efforts. This was industrial might on a scale never before seen by the Orks. The Meks gazed at the hives with joy, imagining how they could repurpose such works, what they could build with such colossal hoards of materiel.

The Imperium's defence of the hives proved more formidable. The Astra Militarum's numbers were augmented by every regiment available, along with hastily-armed citizens. A long series of trenches and redoubts encircled each vast walled complex. Ghazghkull took one look at Hive Volcanus before vowing boldly that it would fall in two solar days' time. Although his hordes were numerous enough to overwhelm the gates, Ghazghkull did not want to waste his strength. He had yet to unleash the full terror of his Gargant Big Mobs, but he thought that prodigious firepower should be saved for when it was truly required. Instead, his plan to take the enormous factory-city reflected his cunning. The outer barriers were targeted by Blitz Brigades -- armoured wedges of Battlewagons.

The first wave bore rams, and it was their duty to break open the outer walls, using their tracks to carry them over the rubble. The second group of attackers followed in the wake of the smoke-churning Ork Battlewagons; these were the mobile infantry -- mostly Goff Boyz , with mobs of Burna Boyz amongst them. The third wave was composed of Skorchas -- their orders were to drive through the breaches and to clear any defences with sweeping flame. Traktor beams would target the gates as the Battlewagons cleared the last trench. Timed correctly, the loaded wagons would be at top speed just as the doors were ripped off their hinges. Secondary plans included a Stormboyz airdrop and Stompas with wrecking balls opening up holes at strategic points.

When the waves of infantry were finally released, they could enter Volcanus at will. The plan worked almost too well. The hive would have fallen in a single solar day were it not for its fierce resistance. Within the narrow confines of the hive's underways, desperate humans resorted to all manner of traps and ambushes. Despite their heroics, hundreds of thousands of Orks swept into Hive Volcanus, and its population was massacred or enslaved. After Hive Volcanus was captured, the remaining hives of Armageddon Prime soon followed.

Columns of human refugees stretched past the horizon. All of Armageddon Prime lay under the massive metal heel of Ghazghkull. What were once manufactoria were converted to workshops swarming with Orks. Human slaves were worked to death stripping their own cities of every scrap of resource that the Meks could use to fuel the greenskin war machine. Commissar Yarrick leads the defence of Hades Hive. Being somewhat soft, it is extraordinary for 'umies to gain respect from Orks -- especially greenskins led by a stoic and battle-hungry Goff like Ghazghkull. Although Space Marines are regarded with esteem for their skills in battle -- none more so than Commander Dante of the Blood Angels -- it was an Imperial Commissar that drew the most admiration from the Orks.

Here was an uncompromising warrior —- as eager to shoot his own ladz as the foe, if that's what it took to gain victory. Commissar Sebastian Yarrick was certainly a thorn in Ghazghkull's side, for the greenskins reckon that it was he alone that willed the defenders of Hades Hive to hold on for so long. The Orks gradually learned from their captives that the defenders of Hades had grown to fear Yarrick as much as they dreaded the fury of Ghazghkull. To the Orks, this was the kind of leader they could respect. The fact that he wore Goff colours -- black with red trim -- boosted his esteem even further.

It is said that of all Ghazghkull's foes, Yarrick was the only one that he ever cursed -- high praise indeed. Those Orks that came face-to-face with the infamous "'Umie Boss" often expressed disappointment. In person, Yarrick was only human-sized, although this was lessened somewhat because he did at least wear an Ork Power Klaw and bear an evil eye. Amongst the Boyz, it was said that those Orks that recognised who they were up against were always slain -— for they stood in gape-jawed disbelief at Yarrick's insulting puniness and so left themselves open to a deathblow. The wily Orks acknowledged the value of this tactic, even if it was a sly, sneaky Blood Axe kind of trick.

Ghazghkull leads his greenskins against troopers of the Armageddon Steel Legion. When Armageddon's Season of Shadows set in -- the cyclical time when the planet's volcanic mountains erupted -- the turbulent skies were permanently crimson-hued. To the Orks, this was another sign of their impending victory. To get to Armageddon Secundus the Orks had to cross a swathe of equatorial jungle considered impenetrable by the humans.

The foetid swamp region was a morass of mudpits that could submerge armies at a time, and it was filled with ferocious wild beasts. The greenskins revelled in it, attacking the flora and fauna while the Meks erected pontoon bridges or projected force fields across the sinking bogs. By their drive and cobbled ingenuity, the Ork hordes pressed through faster than Imperial armies could march. Infantry, armoured columns, Stompa Mobs and towering Gargants crossed the crude bridges and emerged on the far side of the jungles. Once again the Orks caught the humans unprepared and smashed through their defensive positions.

As the Orks raced across the ash deserts towards the hive cities, the towering god-engines and tank companies of Mankind advanced out into the barrens to meet them. From that point on, the battles were more fiercely fought, and Ork casualties began to mount. First was the clash on the parched desert known as the Death Barrens. While the colossal war engines of the Iron Skulls Titan Legion duelled with the Gargants, the massed enemy tanks began to blow great holes in the Ork hordes. The greenskins did not waver, but continued to advance, albeit more slowly, into that thunderous barrage.

Clanking forward, these iron-plated tank-killers strode through the shellstorm. A land armada of Deff Dreads , Killa Kans and hulking Morkanauts lurched into the enemy armour formations. Explosions lit up the plains as Power Klaws wrenched off turrets. Buzzsaw arms reached in to savage the exposed crew, and the screams of the eviscerated victims were music to the Orks' ears. With the foes' tanks reduced to smoking wreckage, the Stompas and Deff Dreads used their firepower to tip the scales on the evenly matched duel between the Gargants and the Titans. Towering mushroom clouds rose from the destroyed Imperial Titans, and the concussive blasts of their detonations slew many Orks, but when the shockwaves ceased, the green tide flowed over the enormous craters.

The sieges that followed brought the Armageddon War to a new state of savagery. By now the humans knew what lay in store for them, and their resistance stiffened. The Orks sacked Infernus Hive after the Blood Axes struck a deal with its corrupt Governor, but they could not break through the great hive cities of Hades or Helsreach. In desperation, the Imperial side launched virus bombs -- wicked and proscribed technology from their distant past. Hundreds of thousands of Orks died, but still they pressed on, battering themselves against the hive cities for little gain. With his sub-commanders flummoxed on how to break through, Ghazghkull was forced to direct the assaults himself. Ghazghkull tried many ploys: lightning assaults, feints, overwhelming wave attacks and massed bombardments.

Air-dropped Stormboyz attacked from the skies while the sewer tunnels were infiltrated by the craftiest Kommandoz. At Helsreach, these stratagems paid off, each offensive advancing more deeply into that seaport hive city. Paralysed by madness, the defenders were overrun. In Hades, each of Ghazghkull's moves was parried. The Stormboyz were ripped from the skies by anti-aircraft fire, the Kommandoz were met by tunnel-fighters in a running battle that stymied the underground advance. Siege engines were sabotaged and human suicide teams took down Gargants.

Ghazghkull ever met. The Salamanders Chapter arrive at Acheron to take the fight to the Orks. As Ghazghkull fixated on tearing Hades Hive apart, on his command another Ork army was set to overwhelm the hive city of Acheron. But that was before the sky exploded. Orbital bombardment blasted craters amongst the Ork hordes. Even as they gaped skyward, they saw Thunderhawks peel out of the cloud cover, the roar of their engines audible over the concussive shockwave of their bombing runs. The Space Marines -- the finest warriors in the Emperor's service -- had arrived.

The Blood Angels , the Ultramarines and the Salamanders attacked, and the Orks tasted the bitterness of crushing defeat for the first time. At that moment, if Ghazghkull had turned his attention to the deteriorating situation, it is likely he could have rallied his armies and driven off the Space Marine counterattack. Had he done so, Armageddon would likely have fallen. However, the completion of the siege of Hades Hive had become an obsession.

Prophet though he was, in the red haze of battle, Ghazghkull no longer heard any calling save to grind his iron boots upon those who had dared defy him. Finally, Ghazghkull's own Bullyboyz broke down the last blast door. With the inner gates now open, Ghazghkull threw everything at the hive city, unleashing his final rampage. The Space Marines arrived too late to save Hades Hive, and those inside were massacred nearly to a man. With his numbers depleted and widely scattered, Ghazghkull commanded the last of his reinforcements to besiege Tartarus Hive. The fate of the planet hung in the balance, but the Space Marines were quick to redeploy. Blindsided again, the greenskins were pushed back and on the verge of breaking when Ghazghkull arrived.

His counterattack was just beginning to wrest the initiative back when Ghazghkull and his bodyguard disappeared altogether. Rumours that their illustrious Warboss had fallen spread like wildfire amongst the Orks, and they wavered and broke. With this, the Imperium thought they had driven the Orks from Armageddon. It was not so. Many fought their way into the ash wastes and escaped, eventually reaching the depths of the equatorial jungles. Moreover, Ghazghkull was not slain. Some say the hand of Gork reached down to extricate his chosen one.

Ghazghkull's few Ork detractors claimed he had fled, but however it happened, the Warboss escaped off-planet. After leaving Armageddon, Ghazghkull was not idle. He did not look upon that campaign as a defeat, but more as a necessary stumble that was part of a larger journey, for a master plan had been revealed to Ghazghkull by Gork and Mork. Now, the Warlord saw clearly that Armageddon was not the end, it was only the beginning. If the Imperium made one huge mistake following the Second War for Armageddon, it was in not immediately pursuing Ghazghkull with all their strength and available resources. Yarrick recommended hunting him down, but few heeded the battle-proven Commissar.

In truth, the Imperium's High Command on Armageddon presumed that the Ork Warlord that came out of nowhere to ravage their planet either was dead, or, if he had survived the battle, would be a washed-up nothing. He might live for some time as a recluse, but if he attempted to gather more Orks about him he would doubtless be slain as a failure. Nothing could be further from the truth. After losing a major battle, Orks will often depose their failed leader -- the first step on the downward spiral to true anarchy. It is true that, early on after his escape, Ghazghkull did have to remind some tribes of his greatness by defeating his challengers in horrific fashion.

However, the Warlord regained his followers' full support not just with his triumphal acts of violence, but through his words. What the Ork gods had revealed to Ghazghkull -- or rather, what Ghazghkull said they revealed to him -- was that in order to destroy your foe, you must first know him. To the Orks, such an idea was both radical and profound.

This meant that, for Ghazghkull, the whole invasion of Armageddon was merely a way to test the waters -- an experiment to learn how the Imperium would react against a massive invasion. The swift Space Marine strikes and the grinding attrition of the human warriors had indeed been eye-openers to an Ork from the isolated world of Urk. Now, Ghazghkull had learned what he needed to know about the Imperium's strategies. Most of Ghazghkull's forces had been left behind on Armageddon. Only a core of his most trusted mobs were with Ghazghkull when he landed in the heart of what was notorious Ork territory —- the world of Golgotha.

In ages past the Golgotha Sub-sector had been heavily colonised by Mankind , but since then it had passed through the grasp of various races until it was ultimately conquered by the Orks. Just like on Urk, Ghazghkull began subjugating the greenskins. At first he clubbed bosses and gained new mobs one at a time, but news travels fast when Orks begin to get excited. Whether it was due to the tremendous power of his adamantium-skull headbutts, or the Orkish wisdom he received from his visions from Gork and Mork, soon whole tribes were seeking out this new Warlord. During this time, Commissar Yarrick continued to pursue the renegade Ork Warlord obsessively. Ghazghkull proclaimed that as the chosen of Gork and Mork, he was the only one who could defeat the 'umie wiv the evil eye.

Unlike his underlings, Ghazghkull was canny enough to understand that attempting to stop the pursuing humans was doomed to failure: not unlike an Ork WAAAGH! Ghazghkull achieved this by seemingly running away and remaining tantalisingly just out of reach of his pursuers, sacrificing to Yarrick those of his underlings who disobeyed or challenged him.

This he did for 10 standard years until he could spring his trap on his pursuers. Luring them to the planet of Golgotha, he blinded the exhausted and over-stretched human commanders with a chance for victory over his seemingly depleted Ork forces. Ghazghkull had a base constructed that was intended to give to the Imperial attackers the impression that he was organising a last stand. The Ork Warlord went as far as to sacrifice his remaining Gargants to a pointless flanking manoeuvre, all in order to make the humans commit fully to the field against him on Golgotha.

Once they did, Ghazghkull caught them between the hammer of his hidden greenskin troops and the anvil of his base, while his Space Hulk drove off the forces of the Imperial Navy orbiting the world. Ghazghkull wanted to confront Yarrick himself, but when he found the elderly Commissar making a last stand at the wreck of his Baneblade which had deliberately rammed one of the Gargants , Ghazghkull saw an opportunity to finally display his dominance over the other greenskins, and he ordered the human captured instead.

Ghazghkull wanted to use Yarrick to assert his dominance over the other Orks, and to prove he understood how humans "worked. The other Orks were doubtful, since none of them had ever managed to survive the ordeal, but Yarrick would indeed resurface a few solar days later. Ghazghkull then had Yarrick thrown amongst the other Imperial prisoners, foretelling that the human would find a way to strike back and kill them all. True enough, Yarrick soon instigated a revolt and managed to reach the Space Hulk's bridge, where he sought to initiate its self-destruction by activating all the vessel's propulsion systems at once. He nearly succeeded at this endeavour before the Orks stopped him. This time, the other Orks were convinced that Ghazghkull could indeed predict the human's behaviour, and Ghazghkull ordered Mad Doc Grotsnik to return the human's bionics.

Ghazghkull then had Yarrick escorted by his Boyz to an intact shuttlecraft, where he allowed the human to leave the Space Hulk, telling him to prepare for the Orks' return to Armageddon. Thus began decades of long rebuilding. Gork and Mork had advised him that he did not want to draw outside attention upon himself just yet. Before he could take that next step towards ultimate victory, Ghazghkull would need more than just an enormous army: he would need to have his new tactics perfected and his new weapons working properly.

He knew that if his influence expanded too quickly, the plan would not yet have grown ripe. Still, Ghazghkull launched raids across the Ultima Segmentum and beyond. Some were small, consisting of a few mobs; others were massed assaults capable of overrunning a planet. The attacks hit Imperial outposts or wreaked havoc amongst shipping lanes; the Orks also ventured into Tau space to smash colonies, or attacked other Ork territories. Ghazghkull led some expeditions, while for others he put a new corps of sub-commanders to the test.

Beyond the value of plunder or even winning the engagements, the raids were done to train new leaders and test his latest strategies. If the Imperium had collected and analysed their scattered data files, they would have been alarmed by how many recorded attacks Ghazghkull, or armies bearing his insignia, had made. From to M41 there was an escalating pattern of violence, with many thousands of raids. But the Imperium was sprawling, bureaucratic, and beset by more obvious threats.

In the year The two leaders field-tested innovative "Tellyporta" technology -- the ability to send mobs of Boyz, vehicles, and ultimately, even the mountainous Gargants from a far distant Space Hulk down onto a planet. This was tested on the Imperial planet of Piscina IV. Only the Dark Angels saved that world from being overrun, but victory there was not Ghazghkull's real goal. His preparations were now over -- he was ready to unleash his full force upon the Imperium, exercising a plan fifty standard years in the making. He knows how ter fight. During the fifty seven standard years following the Second War for Armageddon, Ghazghkull regrouped his forces, and reassessed his strategy.

Remembering his defeat at Hades Hive on Armageddon over five decades earlier, he was not eager to repeat his mistake. He intended that Hades Hive would be one of the first places to fall. In light of its importance to the Imperium, Armageddon's defences were overhauled after Ghazghkull's first invasion nearly overwhelmed the planet. The star systems surrounding Armageddon were now heavily fortified.

New naval stations and orbital defence platforms gave Armageddon a level of protection bettered only by Terra and a few others in the whole of the Imperium. With a grinding inevitability, Ghazghkull's junk-laden armada ploughed into realspace and advanced. In their wake, they left devastated planets as they steered towards Armageddon. Imperial task forces that sallied out to intervene were swallowed whole, never to return. In rightful panic, the distress call went out -- asking for reinforcements before the Orks could reach Armageddon.

On the day of the Feast of the Emperor's Ascension, fifty-seven Terran years to the day after his first invasion, Ghazghkull returned. The orbital battle over Armageddon raged for two fiery nights, but by dawn of the third solar day the skies were filled with the vapour trails and the incandescent afterblaze of Ork dropships. In a roaring wave behind them came swarms of atmospheric fighter craft and swooping bomber jets. Ghazghkull chose not to fight at Hades Hive, that indomitable high water mark where his last invasion broke itself. This time, there would be no such defiance. In an act of terrible vengeance, giant asteroids aimed by orbiting Space Hulks smashed the entire hive apart, annihilating its inhabitants and its defenders. This was but a prelude to the bloodshed that would follow.

Ground-based Defence Lasers and missile platforms reaped a horrific toll upon the Orks, filling the sulphur yellow skies with criss-crossing energy beams and blossoming explosions. Yet the greenskins were coming down in such numbers that, already, vast armies were building in the ash wastes. Feral Orks and Kommando teams burst from the equatorial jungles and mountain ranges of Armageddon to join the growing throngs. Quick-hitting strikes by the troops on the ground wrested control of many Macrocannons and Defence Lasers -- weapons that were soon turned upon their former owners.

Other Orks worked to construct landing strips, allowing Dakkajets and Blitza-Bommerz to refuel and re-enter the fight more quickly. Gradually, the Orks began to dominate the dogfights that had been taking place overhead, and they soon ruled the skies. Anywhere that the Imperial forces gathered to establish a defensive line was subjected to punishing bombardment and strafing runs. Through surging spearheads and the unbridled fury of their attacks, the Orks were gaining the upper hand everywhere. However, at that stage in the battle many Chapters of Space Marines began to arrive.

Once again, their rapid assaults threatened to unravel the greenskin advance. Ghazghkull had foreseen this and prepared his own countermeasures. It was betrayal, not battle, that felled the first hive city, as Acheron was captured by treachery from within. To aid the wars raging across the ash wastes, Ghazghkull signalled for his next surprise. In orbit high above Armageddon, Space Hulks and asteroid fortresses jettisoned chunks of themselves to plummet downwards to Armageddon: the Ork Roks were unleashed.

Ghazghkull unleashes his new secret weapon -- Roks. During his first invasion, Ghazghkull found his attacks blunted by rapid strikes from Space Marines. Despite the high mobility of the greenskin armies, they could not match the Adeptus Astartes ' quick-hitting capabilities. Worse still, the stymied greenskin advances turned to routs before Ghazghkull could counterattack. The Roks changed all that. Ork Roks are hollowed-out hunks of asteroid that have been fitted with crude engines and weapons, and filled with troops. They descend from orbit and their fiery trail is slowed somewhat by powerful force fields, retro-rockets and modified Traktor Kannons. Some Roks were lost to ground fire or smashed apart by their own impact, but many more survived.

Not only did they slam into the planet to crush anything below, but the shockwaves of those landings were devastating. Even as the Space Marines began their attack runs to stall the Orks' advance, they found the Roks crashing amongst them. Each landed Rok became a bastion for the Orks, a rallying point and a ready-made fortress. But there was more: as well as guns, the Roks contained Tellyporta arrays like those first used by Ghazghkull in his Piscina campaign.

These were swiftly used to bring Ork reinforcements to the planet, countering the Space Marines' attacks. They included special Marine-killa mobs, Stompas, artillery and even Gargants. Despite more and more Space Marine counterattacks striking deep into the Ork battlefronts, the Roks and the teleported reinforcements had the Imperium once again back on its heels. Ghazghkull still did not relent -— rather, he pressed his advantage. This was the perfect opportunity to unveil another tactic from his long-prepared arsenal of devastation: it was time to cut loose the Speed Freeks.

Ork Kults of Speed have been around as long as there have been Orks. These velocity-addicted warriors are extremely mobile -- every trooper mounted on some type of Warbike , Warbuggy , or Trukk. While every klan has its speed-crazed Orks, this tendency is most common amongst the Evil Sunz. By their very nature, all Speed Freeks are fast, impulsive and likely to charge at the first opportunity. Only the commanding presence of Ghazghkull -- a no-nonsense Goff -- had any chance of using such headstrong forces in as controlled a fashion as he did.

By Ghazghkull's orders, the Speed Freeks were held in reserve. It nearly killed them not to be first in battle, but instead to sit, doing nothing but revving their engines and waiting. Patience is not a virtue found amongst Speed Freeks. Yet Ghazghkull had been quite adamant in making his case -- making it, in fact, with his adamantium-plated head, by turning the wayward Evil Sunz Warlord, Gurbhag, and his kustom bike into a bloody scrapheap of broken parts.

It had been a convincing argument. Only when the special Tellyporta-mobs had been sent to punch holes through the enemy lines were the Speed Freeks set loose. Ghazghkull unleashes the Ork Speed Freeks upon Armageddon. Able to exploit the tiniest gaps between battle lines, the Speed Freeks raced off in long columns. Where they needed to widen the path, the Warbikers blazed away with their weaponry -- unloading a storm of shot that scythed down Imperial Guardsmen in wide arcs of red ruin. Speed Freeks are known to sacrifice armour for speed, but, in true Ork fashion, their bikes and light vehicles never skimp on firepower, bearing more weaponry than any sane creature would expect upon such light frames.

Across Armageddon Prime and Secundus, roving bands of Speed Freeks tore over the open plains of ash desert. With names like the Red Wheelz, Burning Death, and the Slasherz, each warhorde of Speed Freeks was made up of dozens of smaller warbands. The clouds of dust they kicked up as they accelerated across the barrens rivalled the toxic outflow of the Gargant Big Mobs, which spewed exhaust fumes that could be seen from outer space.

Focussed on the myriad battles spread across the sprawling continents, few of the Imperial officers had time, or tactical acumen enough, to contemplate the big picture. Most would have denied that the Orks even had a plan -- pointing to the scores of assaults scattered across the vast planet, they saw the Orks' attack more as an anarchic mess than as a planned battlefront. They were mistaken. Ghazghkull orchestrated the fighting on Armageddon, and it was his tactical genius that designed the deadly combination that was winning the war. The scattered Rok landing sites had created strongpoints from which Ork armies gathered, and they also served as homers on which the Tellyportas could lock and beam down a steady flow of reinforcements.

It was necessary for the Imperium to concentrate their attacks upon these sites, leaving them vulnerable to the lightning assaults of the Speed Freeks. Even as the forces of the Imperium moved to eliminate the threat of the Roks, they found themselves being hunted. Fast and hard-hitting Speed Freek columns wreaked havoc upon the Imperial forces in the open plains, weaving in and out of different formations and launching daring hit and run attacks. The Burning Death were well known for their love of fire, and the trapped humans were herded into large groups, setting up massed Skorcha runs that lit up the night skies. Streaking above the ash wastes, air wings of Dakkajet and Burna-bommer skwadrons acted as mobile artillery for the Speed Freeks.

A fierce competition between the air and ground forces began, with each side striving to kill their target before the other could join the battle. Many friendly fire incidents were not accidental, but the deliberate results of overly frustrated rivals who arrived on the scene to discover their foes already destroyed. The Imperium's focus and counterattacks were wholly fixated upon the Ork Roks and the Speed Freeks warbands that wove maddeningly out of their reach. At this stage in the battle, Ghazghkull deemed the time was ripe to attack the hive cities. The Warboss personally led the many hordes on their route to attack Hive Infernus. Even as the few Imperial reserves were committed, word came from the seaport hives of yet more massive Ork attacks there.

These grim lands had been believed to be uninhabitable, but their value became apparent solar weeks later when hundreds of tanker-sized Ork submersibles rose from the polluted waters and made landings at Hives Tempestora and Helsreach. Surprise was total, and within solar days Tempestora fell, although hive gang militia held out long enough at Helsreach for Tempestus Scions and Space Marines to arrive, preventing the Orks from overrunning the other half of the hive. Besieged and bombarded, Tartarus Hive drove off their greenskin attackers, but the victory was a hollow one. The hive was ruined, its great factories torn apart for scrap by industrious Deathskull Scrapmobs. Just south of the Plains of Anthrand, a vital water processing plant known as Ghattana Bay was the site of a battle that escalated to become the largest Dreadnought conflict of the campaign.

Large vehicles could not navigate the maze of pipes that made up the vast refinery, and without armour to oppose them, the Dread Mobs were an unstoppable force, able to gun down or smash aside all the human infantry that dared defend those twisted corridors. The Orks were only checked by the arrival of Space Marine Dreadnoughts from no fewer than five different Chapters. Tankbustas and Space Marine Devastators moved into the tangle of pipelines, hoping to shift the balance upon that deadly battlefield. Although the Orks were ultimately forced to withdraw, the damage wrought upon the facility by the greenskins was irreparable, cutting off water to much of Armageddon Prime.

Ghazghkull's Waaagh! The size of the escalating war on Armageddon was becoming difficult to imagine. Billions of lives had been lost in the unending battle, so that the very world had become a byword for war and destruction on a massive scale. It was a place where the mightiest war machines in the galaxy clashed and heroes died in droves. Like moths to a flame, the most aggressive greenskins were being drawn toward Armageddon, seeking fame and glory. But the Third War for Armageddon had spread beyond the planet, for the whole sub-sector was rife with Ork raiders. Those worlds left vulnerable by the Imperial commitment to the Armageddon War were now burned themselves.

To counter the Orks, the Imperium had been forced into a total war footing, feeding the meatgrinder with entire planetary populations' worth of troops. A thousand light year recruitment zone was established around Armageddon. Every Imperial world within that area had their tithe of Imperial Guard regiments tripled and their industry turned over solely to armaments production. Even the Imperial logisticians, themselves numbering more than a large army, could only estimate how many Imperial Guard had taken part in the defence of Armageddon, to say nothing of tracking the wealth of other forces. At the last tally, this included elements of at least twenty-five different Chapters of Adeptus Astartes , several Orders of Adepta Sororitas , and six Titan Legions.

Within the Armageddon Sector was the better part of seventeen Imperial Navy fleets. Worst still, those figures were outdated by at least a Terran year, a time period in which the war had only grown larger. The Imperium had always dreaded the unification of so many Ork tribes, and now its worst fears were coming true. Already the wisest of the Imperial leaders faced the grim realisation that it was likely that the industry of Armageddon would soon be ruined beyond repair. The war was now less about saving Armageddon and more about preserving its sub-sector and, most sobering of all, preventing the ever-swelling tide of Orks from growing larger.

If the great green menace could not be contained upon Armageddon, then it would sweep outwards and threaten the heart of the Imperium itself -— Holy Terra. Although it pained him to leave the largest battle he had ever seen, Ghazghkull knew he had work to do elsewhere. Only the pull of destiny could drag the most dangerous Ork Warlord away from the battle that raged across Armageddon. But with the great green visions starting to overwhelm him, Ghazghkull knew it was time to move on. Even as he waded through shellbursts and claimed Space Marine helmets for his trophy rack, Ghazghkull could feel the pressure building behind his adamantium plate.

He was about to have another vision and, if the pain in his skull was any indication, it was going to be a monumental one. It was too much to fight. Ghazghkull returned to his orbiting ship, Kill Wrecka , and at last gave in to the green flashes that were filling his patchwork mind. The voices of Gork and Mork had never been so strident, their bellowing still echoing in Ghazghkull's head. Yet, no matter how many times he readjusted his thinking parts by beating them against the bulwark of the ship, Ghazghkull could not clear his head, nor decipher what the guttural voices of the gods were saying to him.

The pain of the visions was excruciating, and his good eye bulged as he roared in agony. Any other Ork would consider a good scrap like Armageddon a victory in itself, but they lacked ambition. Ghazghkull, blessed with his conqueror's visions, did not know exactly what he was looking for, and grasped only that he would not find it on Armageddon. Trusting that the voices would become clear in time, he ordered a handful of voidcraft from the fleet that still surrounded Armageddon like vultures to gather around Kill Wrecka. Ghazghkull left the battle for Armageddon knowing his appointed lieutenants would command in his stead as he had ordered.

The greatest Ork Warlord of his era looked back upon the rapidly shrinking orb of Armageddon, and his only regret was that he doubted he would be back before his underlings conquered everything in his name. As the fleet gathered speed, Ghazghkull turned from the portal and looked about the bridge. On his orders, a herd of Weirdboy Warpheads had been gathered. It was his hope that the deranged Ork mystics could aid his visions in a way similar to how their strange gifts seemed to help steer the best course once a Space Hulk entered the Warp.

Thus far, however, all the Weirdboyz had done was annoy Ghazghkull. The hulking Warlord watched the drooling Warpheads totter about the bridge, bumping into each other like Boyz in a fungus beer stupor. In truth, such antics angered Ghazghkull -- the old Goff in him resolved troubles or ambiguities with a simple punch to the face. Unbeknownst to Ghazghkull, however, his departure from Armageddon did not go unmarked. Imperial augur -stations observed the Ork flotilla leaving the system, identifying the vessel known as Kill Wrecka , the capital ship favoured by Ghazghkull. The Armageddon High Command was notified, and within solar days the pursuit was underway.

They had allowed Ghazghkull to escape once and it cost them dearly; a mistake, Yarrick vowed, that would not be repeated. Using a pincer approach, the faster, more efficient Imperial warships converged upon the Ork fleet several solar weeks after leaving Armageddon. Outnumbered in the midst of a barren space known as the Haunted Gulf, Ghazghkull realised he could not outrun his foes. With nowhere to hide, he ordered the fleet to steer directly into the midst of their enemies. By the weight of their broadsides the Ork flotilla might yet be able to blast a path to freedom. Despite Yarrick's warning that such a desperate manoeuvre was not just possible, but likely, the forces of the Imperium were still surprised by the unorthodox gambit.

Several Battle Cruisers were left crippled by the Ork ploy, little more than drifting hulks. However, the return fire ripped the scrapfleet apart, destroying Ork voidships one after another. Kill Wrecka was left listing badly, its steering wrecked. As Yarrick and Helbrecht prepared to board the Ork vessel in order to personally ensure Ghazghkull's demise, Kill Wrecka was wreathed in a blaze of green energy. Kill Wrecka rocked back and forth from the Lance strikes that penetrated its lower decks. The resulting explosions blasted concussive forces through the ship, making the entire voidcraft lurch violently and sending everyone on the command deck sprawling.

Ghazghkull toppled over hard, his adamantium-clad skull denting the steel deckplates with a clang. Furious, he pushed out of the pile of Weirdboyz that had shifted on top of him and bellowed orders. It was then, his head still ringing from the impact, that an overwhelming force possessed Ghazghkull. An arcing crown of green lightning exploded outward, washing everyone in a strange, green light. The sudden explosion of energies was a spark that set off the Warpheads, each convulsing in rhythmic spasms that grew in intensity.

Engulfed in green flames, the crazed Ork psykers howled as their skin sizzled and raw power burst forth from their eyes and gushed forth from their jaws. In voices like rolling thunder, the Warpheads spoke as one, the same almighty roar of Gork and Mork that Ghazghkull had been hearing. Now, at last, he understood what he needed to do. The powerful voice spoke again, saying that only unending battle would call the final Ragnarork, bringing forth Gork and Mork themselves. With their role in delivering the message done, the Warpheadz exploded in a vast oupouring of energy, drenching all those on the command deck with wet viscera and luminescent green energy.

It was this surge of green power that rolled outwards, striking the enemy fleet like a tidal wave. With their ships' systems ensnared by strange energies, Yarrick and Helbrecht could only watch in frustration as Kill Wrecka blinked once and was gone. The only evidence that it had ever been there was a trail of debris floating where the ship had once been. Yarrick slumped, for he knew that Ghazghkull's escape boded ill for the galaxy. Kill Wrecka was hurled into the Warp, its course and destination unknown. Every greenskin on board endured an unsettling journey in which the echoes of that mighty voice still boomed in their minds.

How long they travelled, or where they spun towards, none could say. Then, with a feeling similar to a punch in the gut, they halted, reappearing suddenly in realspace. The Orks staggered to the portholes, looking out and gasping in amazement. They were completely surrounded by voidships of all sizes, but there could be no mistaking the make of such crude, rust-bucket-like craft. Kill Wrecka had materialised precisely in the middle of an Ork fleet.

Only recently, Kill Wrecka had been an imposing vessel, its hulls protected by overlapping slabs of iron plate and bristling with turrets, gun decks and all manner of ordnance. However, after the Imperial fleet had punched a number of holes through the voidcraft's belly, internal explosions had done the rest. Ghazghkull's Meks began to swarm over the ship, repairing breaches to the inner hull and patching up the pipes which vented gases into the corridors. The Orks under Warlord Urgok Da Slayer -— for that was whose fleet they had appeared amidst —- doubtless took Kill Wrecka for space junk, thinking that some scrap-mongering Deathskulls or salvage-crazed Meks were simply cutting up pieces of old wreckage.

On board, Ghazghkull cared less about the hull repairs, instead ordering his Meks to fix the damaged Tellyporta. While they hustled about their tasks, the Prophet of Gork and Mork prepared his boarding parties. It was easy to pick out where the biggest Ork would be, for just above them in the centre of the fleet was a monstrous Space Hulk. So much work had gone into that vessel that it now looked like an Ork fortress floating in space. Knowing his advantage was surprise, Ghazghkull trusted to luck and teleported blind. As if guided by the great green hands of Gork and Mork themselves, Ghazghkull and a mob of his baddest Nobz -— his Bullyboyz —- appeared in a green flash in Warlord Urgok's command room. The action that followed was swift and bloody, the deck soon covered with the mangled corpses of the slain.

Before they could recover from their shock, most of Urgok's bodyguard were slain and Ghazghkull had pulled Urgok off his throne and beaten him senseless. Urgok's fleet was substantial in size before Ghazghkull arrived, but it grew exponentially when the Prophet of Gork and Mork took over. Like all Ork-made creations, it was an anarchic jumble. Most of the voidships were wholly built out of cast-off flotsam scavenged from the ends of the galaxy; others had once been the vessels of some other race, but had been salvaged and "upgraded" by the Orks.

They came from all corners of the galaxy, some even from distant eras, having been found drifting in the Warp. Even ships of the same type in the same squadron were rarely comparable, for each had gone through many impromptu builds and refits, each using whatever scrap could be found. It was not the greenskin way to repair things either, so much as patch over them. And no Mek was ever fully satisfied, but thought he could add another gun deck, missile silo, torpedo tube or other shooty wotnotz here or there.

Within that ramshackle armada was a pair of heavy-prowed Hammer Battlekroozers that had stood keel to keel with Imperial Battleships and come out the victors. Some half dozen Kill Kroozers and Terror Ships rounded out the larger voidcraft. Before them came a tide of lesser vessels, some little more than rustbuckets with thruster engines, yet they were deadly despite their worn and decrepit appearance. The pride of the fleet was Urgok's Space Hulk -- a colossus of a starcraft, with firepower to almost equal that of an entire Imperial battlefleet. Warlord Urgok's empire had grown so large that it took solar weeks for Ghazghkull to work his way through it. Most joined the Prophet of Gork and Mork willingly, but some stubborn cases needed to be shown a few messy examples before they too saw the wisdom of aligning themselves under Ghazghkull.

When he regained consciousness, Urgok Da Slayer himself became a leader within Ghazghkull's throng, and this made recruiting the rest of his armies easier. Orks are a prolific race and can be found throughout the entire galaxy. It would be the work of a million lifetimes to seek out every greenskin-held territory, to travel to the innumerable places where greenskins gathered in dominating numbers -- countless moons, planets, asteroid fields, or Space Hulks drifting in the void between the stars.

Urgok's wars had been drawing in a steady stream of greenskins, new recruits rising to the call of fighting, space travel and the promise of greater battles. Under Ghazghkull, this rivulet became a cascading downpour as floods of greenskins rushed to join the fleet. Now they needed purpose. With agitated Ork hordes raring for battle, Ghazghkull steered the fleet towards Ork territory. Rumours had come of a new leader of that realm, and it was Ghazghkull's intent to wrest the title "Overfiend of Octarius" for himself. However, what he found when he got there was even better. The beleaguered Orks of Octaria fight a desperate war against the Tyranids. Octarius had been Ork territory for many thousands of standard years. Indeed, the old Warlord Gorsnik Magash had rushed off to join Ghazghkull in the Golgotha Sector and was currently heading a vast force of Orks on Armageddon, holding his own in the Dead Lands.

Since Gorsnik's departure, a new leader had quickly risen to fill the power vacuum and claim the title Overfiend of Octarius -- a Deathskull Warlord named Zog Steeltoof. Despite his copious use of blue warpaint, the rule of Zog Steeltoof had thus far not been a lucky one. Tyranids had returned, sweeping into the biomass-rich Ork territory, consuming entire planets as they advanced.

The fight, known as the Octarian War , raged across the whole sector, its epicentre squarely targeted upon Octaria, the central world of the greenskin territory. The entire mega-continent of Octaria was a battlefield into which both sides poured their might. The Overfiend's Orks, grown big and strong on their diet of constant war, had met their match. The ever-evolving spawn of Hive Fleet Leviathan were gaining the upper hand, showering the planet with reinforcements, sending yet further broods of killing beasts into the non-stop melee.

Across Octaria the Orks were forced to take refuge in scrap-iron fortifications. It seemed only a matter of time before the Tyranids collapsed each of the jury-rigged fortresses. Ghazghkull descended from the spore -ridden skies. At first, the Overfiend's Orks thought the Roks blazing through the atmosphere were some kind of new foe. All across Octaria they landed, smashing gaping holes through the Gargoyle -filled skies and ploughing into the scuttling hordes on the ground.

It was not slime-covered, chitin-plated Tyranid creatures that emerged from the asteroids, however, but more Orks. They surged outwards, taking the fight to the Tyranids while the Roks themselves opened up with heavy calibre ordnance. The greenskins behind their shabby defences let loose volleys of cheers and a hail of supporting fire of their own. Then came the heavy, ground-shaking footfalls of incoming creatures of immense size. The Hive Mind had noted the arrival of these invaders. The Tyranid response was frighteningly quick.

Larger swarm creatures-- hulking scythe-limbed horrors and Gargant-sized beasts -- lumbered to oppose this new greenskin threat from the skies. The raucous chants of Octaria's Orks died in their throats, for they knew that these towering behemoths had been held in reserve, saved for the final death strike. When the Orks' defences had been breached, these monsters would have arrived. Han was worried about leaving 3PO alone on his ship, but 3PO assured him all was in working order—but was concerned that the old YT light freighter continued to so easily be mistaken for garbage.

About five minutes later Han again contacted the droid. Han ordered 3PO to take a blaster pistol and go stop them. But 3PO was unsure of himself—he was but a protocol droid programmed for translation and etiquette. She told the droid that they were going to die if the Falcon did not soon reach them. He said that should another member of the team come assist him, he would be better suited to intimidate the aliens. But Leia became angry and ordered the droid to "Do whatever you have to. The protocol droid fumbled and dropped the blaster, which fell at the feet of one creature. The creature examined it and shot 3PO in the chest. The super-heated gas did no real damage to 3PO's golden chest plate—but the kinetic energy of the blast blew off the droid's arms and legs.

The aliens gathered up 3PO as Han called him and asked what he'd done to the Falcon. The droid asked if he could "close down for a while The scavengers stuffed 3PO into a sack, and he was carried on one of the alien's backs. As a result of the attack, 3PO sustained a memory relapse and believed himself to be talking with Captain Antilles. He requested a peaceful diplomatic mission from "Antilles" before the alien he was strapped to was hoisted into the air and thrown by the mighty Chewbacca. Chewbacca blasted the other scavengers while 3PO confessed to "Antilles" that he cared for neither action or adventure. The aliens fled while the Wookiee went to work repairing the damage they had caused to the Falcon so he and the droid could go rescue the other team members, who were under attack by Darth Vader.

But they were not killed, for Chewbacca repaired the freighter, gathered up 3PO, and flew the Falcon to pick up the other team members. The Falcon fled into hyperspace as the golden droid admitted to "Antilles" that the mission had been the strangest diplomatic mission he'd ever experienced. Within two days, the Millennium Falcon and its complement rendezvoused with the Rebel Fleet [45] on the edge of the galaxy. Threepio was completely repaired by Alliance engineers. Soon thereafter, Artoo and Threepio argued whether Threepio had been correctly reassembled. Luke and Artoo left the Rebel Fleet to return to Tatooine.

Whilst on a mission to Nar Shaddaa, Threepio bore witness to a fight between Chewbacca and the bounty hunter Dengar. When Skywalker did not return from a patrol, Threepio and R2-D2 were deeply worried about the safety of their master. Han Solo departed on a tauntaun to rescue Skywalker, who had been attacked by a wampa. When R2-D2 calculated that Skywalker had a very poor chance of survival in the frozen wilderness, C-3PO tried to cheer up the others by assuring them that R2-D2 had been known to make mistakes from time to time.

The following day, Skywalker and Solo were rescued by a Rebel patrol of snowspeeders. While Skywalker recovered in the base hospital, C-3PO visited his master to wish him well. After Solo and Chewbacca encountered an Imperial probe droid , the Rebel Alliance ordered a mass evacuation of their Hoth base. While the Rebels' ion cannon and ground forces held back the advancing Imperial fleet and ground forces, Rebel transports began fleeing the Imperial blockade into hyperspace. During the Battle of Hoth , an Imperial ground invasion against the forces of Echo Base in the midst of the evacuation, Threepio fled through the halls with Solo and Organa, [4] though he was eventually spotted by some of Vader's snowtroopers.

Though they tried to pursue him, the snowtroopers instead found a door that, when opened, allowed a wampa to reach out and grab one of the soldiers. Unknown to them, the warning sign on this door had been ripped off. Sensing the rebels nearby, Vader led his troops after them [48] as Threepio, Han, and Leia, unable to reach the transport they had been running to, made their way to Chewbacca and the Millennium Falcon to escape. When they were aboard, Vader, [4] having deduced Solo would lead them to the Falcon , [48] led his troops into the hangar, though one of the freighter's turrets fired on the invading troops before the ship, with C-3PO and the others safely aboard, blasted off.

The Millennium Falcon hid inside a deep cave, which turned out to be the innards of a giant space slug. While C-3PO and his fellow crew made repairs to the Falcon , they encountered several parasitic creatures called Mynocks. Following an earthquake, the crew of the Falcon fled the cave only to discover that they been hiding inside a space slug. Unable to jump into hyperspace, the Falcon feigned a frontal attack on an Imperial Star Destroyer and hid behind the rear of the vessel's command tower.

When Threepio protested their plan was suicide, Princess Leia switched him off. After escaping the Imperial fleet, the Millennium Falcon fled to Cloud City , an orbital city in the gas giant of Bespin. Cloud City was run by an old friend of Han Solo called Lando Calrissian , a former gambler and businessman. Upon landing, C-3PO attempted to greet Calrissian but was rudely brushed aside. While exploring Cloud City, he heard the familiar beep of an R2 unit only to stumble across several Imperial stormtroopers, who promptly disabled him with a stun blaster. The Imperials gave C-3PO's body parts to several Ugnaught garbage disposal workers, who attempted to dismantle him.

However, Chewbacca arrived in the nick of time and rescued the protocol droid from being disintegrated. Soon thereafter, Threepio's rebel companions were betrayed by Calrissian, who handed them over to Darth Vader and the bounty hunter Boba Fett. While imprisoned, Chewbacca was able to repair C-3PO's head, torso, and arms. Before he could reattach the protocol droid's legs, the rebels were summoned by Vader to a carbon-freezing chamber. Despite initial fears that the process would kill Han, Threepio was mollified when he learned that Solo was merely hibernating. Vader then ordered Threepio and the remaining rebels to be taken to his flagship, the Super Star Destroyer Executor. Reuniting with R2-D2, C-3PO and his rebel companions fled Cloud City aboard the Millennium Falcon , but not before warning the city's inhabitants that the Empire was occupying their city.

On the way out, the rebels also rescued Luke Skywalker, who had lost his hand during a duel with Darth Vader. R2-D2 continued repairing Threepio aboard the Falcon but was forced to adjourn his repairs to fix the hyperdrive. After fixing the hyperdrive, the rebels escaped into hyperspace and linked up with the Rebel fleet. Upon Calrissian's remark that they had all lost something that day, Threepio remarked that he had lost his arms and legs, much to the others' annoyance. After the Falcon's return to the rebel fleet, Threepio, alongside Leia, discovered that the Empire had found a way to break the Rebellion's codes.

While with the fleet, Threepio, along with R2-D2 and Princess Leia visited Skywalker in the medical bay on a rebel ship. Later, C-3PO and his rebel companions learned that Han Solo was in the hands of the Hutt crime lord Jabba, who lived in a well-fortified desert palace on Tatooine. While Skywalker kept R2-D2 fully informed about his plans to rescue Solo, he kept Threepio in the dark because he knew of the protocol droid's inability to lie.

C-3PO and R2-D2 traveled to Jabba's desert palace bringing a holographic message from Skywalker, who asked for Solo to be freed and offered the two droids as a gift. Jabba declined Skywalker's request and revealed that he had kept a carbonite Han on display as a trophy in his throne room. The two droids were dragooned in the Hutt crime lord's service; C-3PO ended up working as his translator , while R2-D2 was relegated to working as a waiter on Jabba's sail barge Khetanna. Later, Jabba was visited by Princess Leia, posing as the bounty hunter Boushh , who presented a captive Chewbacca. Unknown to Jabba, this was a ruse by Leia to infiltrate the castle and free Han from carbonite.

Threepio served as a translator when Boushh and Jabba negotiated the sum for Chewbacca's bounty. After a near confrontation involving a thermal detonator , Jabba and Boushh reached a compromise sum. That night, Leia freed Han from carbonite, only for both of them to be captured by Jabba and his minions. The following day, Skywalker visited Jabba's palace and demanded that he free Han and his companions.

Jabba refused and had Skywalker thrown down into his rancor pit. However, Skywalker killed the rancor, prompting an enraged Jabba to order that Skywalker, Solo, and Chewie be fed to the sarlacc that inhabited the Great Pit of Carkoon in the Dune Sea. Before Skywalker could be thrown to the beast, R2-D2 managed to pass his his lightsaber to him. Following a struggle, the rebels killed Jabba and most of his entourage. R2-D2 rescued him. He and R2-D2 then dived into the Dune Sea. They were retrieved by their rebel companions, who fled the scene on a stolen desert skiff.

Through Bothan spies, the Rebel leadership had learned that Emperor Palpatine would be visiting the Death Star to oversee the final stages of its completion. In response, the Rebel leader Mon Mothma and Admiral Ackbar had marshaled the Rebel fleet for a massive strike against the Imperial leadership. Since the second Death Star was protected by a shield generator , a rebel force would have to infiltrate Endor and knock it out so that the Rebel fleet could destroy it. Using a stolen Imperial shuttle , the rebels landed on Endor. They soon encountered several Imperial scout troopers , and Princess Leia was separated from the group during the struggle. However, they stumbled into a trap laid by the Ewoks , a species of sentient furry bipeds native to Endor.

The Ewoks had already befriended Leia and welcomed her as a guest. When Threepio failed to dissuade the Ewoks, Skywalker used the Force to cause Threepio's throne to levitate. Fearing that they had angered their god, the Ewoks promptly released their prisoners. However, the rebel force was quickly captured by the Imperial garrison. C-3PO and R2-D2 managed to evade capture. Under orders from R2-D2, Threepio exposed his position to the Imperials. Shortly, the Ewoks attacked the Imperial forces massed outside the shield generator. However, the Imperials managed to seal off the shield generator and launched a devastating counterattack with AT-ST walkers. Meanwhile in space, the Rebel fleet was trapped between the Death Star and an Imperial fleet.

During the fighting, Threepio and R2-D2 made their way to the shield generator's blast door, where Han and Leia were attempting to breach it. R2-D2 attempted to access the power socket but was blasted by enemy fire, causing him to short-circuit. Threepio, Han, and Leia were then cornered by stormtroopers, but Leia managed to shoot them. Meanwhile, Chewbacca and two Ewok warriors turned the tide of the battle by hijacking an AT-ST walker and using it to destroy the others.

Using the hijacked AT-ST, the rebels tricked the remaining Imperial troops into opening the shield generator. After storming the bunker, the rebels planted explosives, which destroyed the energy field protecting the Death Star. After the Pathfinders secured the base, C-3PO accessed the Imperial data files and uncovered Operation: Cinder , a posthumous order by the Emperor to devastate various worlds following his demise. The Rebel Alliance was transformed into the New Republic, which became the dominant galactic government following the Battle of Jakku and the Galactic Concordance.

The Galactic Empire disintegrated with the remnants of the Empire retreating into the Unknown Regions , where they established the First Order. Leia was a member of the Populists , one of the two main factions in the Galactic Senate. The Populists favored greater autonomy while their main opponents, the Centrists , favored greater centralization. The protocol droid was present at a ceremony to dedicate a statue of Bail Organa , the late adopted father of Leia.

The following day, Threepio attended a senatorial meeting where Senator Leia and a Centrist Senator named Ransolm Casterfo agreed to investigate the Nikto crime lord Rinnrivin Di 's cartel , which was interfering with trade on Ryloth. When C-3PO reminded Leia that proper protocol dictated that a junior senator always be the one to call upon the senior senator, Leia, a senior senator, responded that she would ignore protocol and initiate contact. Threepio accompanied Senator Organa, her entourage, and Senator Casterfo on Leia's personal starship Mirrorbright to the planet Bastatha , which was home to Rinnrivin's headquarters. Prior to the Organa and Casterfo's meeting with Magistrate Tosta and Xun , the protocol droid offered to record any conversations for posterity and assured them that he was fluent in seven million forms of communication.

During the mission , Leia was kidnapped by Rinnrivin, who attempted to bribe the Senator, but was rescued by Casterfo. After the Centrists passed a motion to create a new powerful office called First Senator , C-3PO encouraged his master Leia not to resign from the Senate. He was also present during a meeting of Populist senators when Leia reluctantly agreed to stand as the Populist nominee for First Senator. Later, the protocol droid ushered several visitors into Leia's office including a group of lobbyists from the Association of Small Craft Manufacturers , ore traders from Gad , several Populist senators from the Outer Rim, and the Senator Lady Carise Sindian for meetings with Leia.

During the last meeting, Leia agreed to support Lady Carise's claim for the Supreme governorship of Birren due to her lack of interest in royal titles. C-3PO later accompanied Senator Organa on a trip to Ryloth to search the Ryloth archives for information about Rinnrivin and his cartel. During the trip, Threepio greeted Emissary Yendor , whom he had first encountered during his time at Echo Base.

The protocol droid recalled that the two had once worked together recalibrating the thermal units at the base precisely five days after they had arrived on Hoth. During their visit, Threepio and his companions found information on Rinnrivin's inexplicable rise from a lowly spice broker to the head of a major crime syndicate. They suspected that Rinnrivin was a front for other forces seeking to destabilize the New Republic. As a result, they found that Rinnrivin was hiding on the Expansion Region world of Sibensko. While approaching Hosnian Prime, the protocol droid helped Senator Organa sift through her communiques, starting with the high-priority messages. One of these messages was from Senator Casterfo, who had been investigating a paramilitary group known as the Amaxine warriors on Daxam IV.

After an animated discussion, Leia accepted Threepio's advice and set the droid to work planning their trip. Later, Greer treated C-3PO to an oil bath. After Leia's true parentage as Darth Vader's daughter was exposed during the Senate hearing, C-3PO received orders not to let anyone into Leia's office with the exception of close friends. He also prepared Leia's holocam for his master to send a heartfelt message to her son Ben Solo , who hitherto had been unaware of his true ancestry.

After Senator Organa obtained leave from the Senate, C-3PO aided her mission to Sibensko by slicing into the central computer core at the underwater city housing the Amaxine base. For that mission, Leia posed as an indentured servant of Joph and Greer Sonnel while Threepio pretended to be her guard. During the mission, C-3PO obtained banking records proving that the Amaxine Warriors and another mysterious entity were funnelling considerable funds into Rinnrivin's cartel.

The protocol droid also discovered that the Amaxines had a large base in the underwater city. While Threepio left with Joph and Greer on their freighter, Leia headed into the Amaxine base only to be cornered by the Amaxines. She managed to escaped with Han on a racer before an explosion from a fallen starfighter destroyed the underwater city and the base, destroying much of the physical evidence linking the Amaxines and Rinnrivin's cartel. Despite this setback, Leia's tram succeeded in neutralizing a threat to the New Republic. Leia later presented the information from C-3PO's databanks to a special Senate hearing. While Leia was greeted with much hostility and disbelief, Senator Casterfo supported her by sharing evidence from his trip to Daxam IV.

Later, Threepio ushered in Senator Casterfo for a private audience with Leia. The two had fallen out after Casterfo had exposed Leia's true parentage at the instigation of Lady Carise, who was secretly working for the First Order. Casterfo had regained Leia's trust and respect after he had spoken in support of her during the recent Senate hearing. Having withdrawn her nomination for First Senator, Leia made preparations to resign from the Galactic Senate. In an attempt to rescue Ackbar, the Resistance sent a team led by Captain Hoff. However, the ship carrying the team crashed on Taul before it could return to the Resistance base. Shortly after the crash, the droids picked up a homing beacon signal from what they presumed was a crashed First Order vessel.

Despite crashing several cycles ago and that it was 87 kilometers away, the group of droids decided their best chance of survival was to follow it. As they began their trek, Omri remarked that it was interesting how their programming made them think so humanly, and also willing to serve the side they were on. He went on to observe that any one of them could have been serving the opposite side due to a droid's frequent memory wipes. While on their way to the vessel, they were attacked by spice spiders. Following his primary programming, PZ fought off the spiders and in order to give the others time to escape, he drew the spiders toward him, destroying himself in the process, but allowing the others to escape and continue their mission.

As they continued walking, Omri stated that he felt protocol droids such as he and Threepio were cursed to having their memories wiped, due to their need for an extra level of sentience. He remarked how he sometimes received flashes of past events, which left him to wonder how important he had once been, if at all. Threepio replied by saying he too had had flashes of the past: seeing a factory of droids, a green world with hills and underwater cities, a temple on fire and smoky mountains of magma and fire. Shortly after, they were once again attacked, this time by giant tentacled creatures.

They began by ripping Toomedtoo apart and destroying CO The creatures wrapped around Threepio's left arm, attempting to drag him away too, but Omri held on to him, and thus they were only able to rip Threepio's left arm off. Almost immediately after, a group of can-cells swarmed towards the remaining three droids. They grabbed VL and flew away with him, leaving them to believe he had been destroyed. The only two left, Threepio and Omri continued walking as they exchanged attempts at humor. The two expressed that they wished that they were on the same side.

Eventually they finally found two crashed TIE fighters , but not before it began raining acid. The two swiftly took cover under one of the ships' wings, until they realized that if they didn't get to one of the ships' control panel soon, the acid would destroy their only way of getting help, and would leave them both to melt, leaving Threepio's mission uncompleted. Omri told C-3PO that there was nothing in his directive telling him to prevent him from completing his mission and transferred Admiral Ackbar's location to him. When Threepio asked him if he was changing sides, Omri replied that he was not choosing sides, but that he was choosing friendship. With that he started walking towards the ships' control panel in the acid rain, as he stated he would change the frequency to summon Threepio's master, so that at least he could survive.

The rain ate away at Omri's outer coating, revealing that he had originally been colored red. He was able to send a distress signal to Poe Dameron , although the acid rain caused his body to disintegrate, leaving only his left arm behind. Threepio told Dameron's astromech BB-8 that while his new arm offended his aesthetic sensibilities, he would keep it for a while to remember his fallen friends. In addition, the protocol droid found information relevant to Leia's quest to find her missing brother, Luke Skywalker. Since they had lost contact with the droid, C-3PO visited Poe Dameron to request the Resistance starfighter pilot's help in traveling to Kaddak and retrieving the data.

Under Organa's orders, C-3PO instructed Poe to bring himself and another pilot in a shuttle to avoid attracting attention. Unable to trust his fellow pilots due to the presence of a spy, Poe picked the technician Oddy Muva and his astromech droid BB C-3PO and the team departed in a freighter. Upon landing on Kaddak, C-3PO and the others witnessed a man being thrown to his death.

While visiting a cantina on Level 45 of the Sliver , C-3PO commented about the presence of criminal factions and wished that his old friend Han Solo were here. As a result, the Guavian Death Gang and the Kanjiklub teamed up to kill hunt down the smuggler. C-3PO also encountered a mouse droid who informed him that their spy droid had been captured by the Ranc gang. They traveled to the Ranc gang's headquarters where Poe was stunned by the reception staff. C-3PO outmaneuvered the gangsters by activating several droid spies, who forced the gang to stand down. The droids also rescued N1-ZX. Despite C-3PO's orders, N1-ZX refused to release the information he was carrying until he was safely returned to the Resistance base due to his embedded self-preservation programming.

Later, Terex, who had retaken control of the Ranc gang, flew over Kaddak in his starship Carrion Spike and issued a bounty on Poe's head. With the help of BB-8, Poe activated several Resistance droid spies, who proceeded to block the mob. C-3PO apologized that he had not. Poe decided to get N1-ZX back to the Resistance base. C-3PO remarked that he regarded traveling through hyperspace while attached to a starship as a nightmarish experience. Terex had blackmailed Muva into spying on the Resistance using his wife as a hostage. During the hyperspace journey, Poe confided in C-3PO his suspicions that there was a spy among their ranks. Poe ruled out General Organa and his Black Squadron mates.

Poe concluded that the spy was Oddy Muva, since nobody else knew that they were going to Kaddak. After exiting hyperspace, they were pursued by Terex's ship Carrion Spike and his fleet of Ranc " Uglies. C-3PO and the others survived the crash, but Nunzix's right arm was severed. The droids and Poe fled into a cave to escape Terex's "Uglies. BB-8 tried to delay the Ranc gang by crashing a stalactite on top of the intruders. He reassured Poe that he was expendable and could be rebuilt. When Terex and his gang arrived, C-3PO used his knowledge of languages to summon the fjor-bats in the cave to harry the pirates, claiming they had come to steal their younglings.

Terex retaliated by shaking C-3PO's right leg off. Having found his equivalent spymaster, Terex stole C-3PO's memory unit, disabling the droid. A reprogrammed Nunzix managed to kill Terex's landing party before being decapitated by Terex, who in turn was defeated by Poe and BB Oddy Muva managed to rescue his wife and the other slaves aboard Terex's ship and escape in escape pods. First Order forces under Commander Malarus subsequently arrived and destroyed Terex's fleet.

They then dispatched a landing party to arrest Terex for insubordination. Poe dragged the inactive C-3PO and the defeated Terex out of the cave. Poe allowed Malarus to arrest Terex. When the droid went missing, Threepio alerted the droid spynet to keep an eye out for BB As Han Solo was reunited with Leia, C-3PO interrupted them before they had the chance to speak to each other, eagerly introducing himself, stating that Solo must not recognize him because of the red arm. Not realizing they had already seen each other, Threepio went to re-introduce Leia, before noticing he had ruined the moment.

Threepio then decided it was best to leave them to talk to each other, walking off with BB-8, who asked him if he must get his proper arm reinstalled, and he replied "Yes. Threepio told him it was no use trying to wake him up, and it was very unlikely he would have the rest of the map to find Luke Skywalker stored in his backup data. Shortly after the Battle of Starkiller Base, R2-D2 awoke from his low-power mode, discovering he indeed had the map to Skywalker, to Threepio and BB-8's excitement and shock. Before Rey left to travel to the system they had found Luke Skywalker on, Threepio had replaced his left arm, and now once again sported golden plating. After the successful attack on Starkiller Base, the Resistance lowered their guard at the Resistance base, expecting they weren't going to live out the day.

However, as they resumed their activities, C-3PO received a transmission, which depicted the First Order Navy regrouping, causing him to urgently contact Organa and inform her to go to the command center as soon as she could. When asked by Organa how much time they had before the First Order's arrival, Threepio answered that it was very little and that they would be there before they knew it. Realizing that the base was unshielded and that if the First Order brought enough firepower the base would be destroyed, Organa ordered the Resistance's evacuation. During this time, Threepio was still on the Raddus , but not on the bridge. Threepio was present on the secondary bridge when Vice-Admiral Amilyn Holdo was named the new commander of the fleet, expressing concern when informed that all Resistance senior leadership on the bridge save Leia had perished in the attack.

Threepio spent time watching over Leia as she recovered from her injuries. Threepio and was present in the medical bay when Poe sent Finn and Rose Tico on a secret mission to the casino at Canto Bight. Threepio warned Dameron that Holdo would never authorize their plan. Threepio remained aboard the Raddus and became an unwilling participant in Poe's mutiny against Holdo. Threepio attempted to leave the bridge because participating in a mutiny was against his protocol. Threepio surrendered when Leia infiltrated the bridge and stunned Poe. Per Holdo's plan to allow the Resistance to survive, Threepio boarded a cloaked U orbital loadlifter bound for the planet Crait along with the other surviving Resistance fighters.

The Resistance planned to use an abandoned Rebel hideout on the planet to send a signal for help to the Outer Rim. Owing to Holdo's sacrifice, Threepio's transport was one of the six that survived the First Order's attack and reached the planet's surface safely. On Crait, Threepio interpreted BB-8's analysis of the mine's schematics, determining that the massive bunker door was the only way in or out of the base. After the Resistance's attack run on the First Order's siege cannon failed and the bunker door was breached, Threepio witnessed a projection of Luke Skywalker emerge from the shadows of the base. A shocked Threepio was only able to say the legendary Jedi's name, and Luke winked at him in response.

Shortly after, Threepio realized that his audio sensors could no longer detect the vulptices , and along with the rest of the Resistance, he followed Poe to an unmapped natural opening, blocked by boulders, that the wildlife of Crait used to access the base. Threepio looked on as Rey used the Force to move the boulders out of the way, allowing the Resistance to escape on board the Falcon , where Threepio was reunited with R2-D2. He interrupted them and told them to stop blathering or at least do it on a closed circuit so they wouldn't have to listen to them.

He commented about the heavy losses of the Battle of Starkiller Base and told the two droids he was involved in a very important project and they were making it extremely difficult for him to concentrate. As the two droids departed, C-3PO told Rey, who was reading one of the Jedi Order's sacred texts , that he had dealt with the droids and they wouldn't bother them any further before asking her where they had gone. Rey asked C-3PO to translate a paragraph in one of the books.

Finding the translation initially a bit difficult due to the fact the language used was unusual, Threepio took the book and translated the text, leading Rey to comment that she liked the passage and that it was a lovely place to begin. Later, upon receiving a transmission from Black Squadron from one of their relay stations , C-3PO went to report the transmission to Dameron and Finn, to which Dameron explained to Finn that they just needed to have a little faith. However, due to Dameron's excitement over the news, C-3PO reported that Dameron needed to listen to the message as he wouldn't call it good news. Threepio was present at the Resistance Camp on the garbage planet of Anoat when Leia Organa decided to go and seek aid from the inhabitants of Mon Cala.

During his time on Passanna the group recovered a Sith dagger. While C-3PO was able to translate the writings on the Sith dagger, his programming prevented him from being able to reveal the translation to anyone. The group travelled to Kijimi , where the droidsmith Babu Frik was able to determine how to bypass C-3PO's programming restrictions, but said doing so would cause C-3PO to undergo a complete memory wipe. C-3PO willingly allowed Frik to perform the procedure, believing that this would result in the permanent loss of his memories as he didn't think R2-D2 had a backup of his memory. C-3PO's photoreceptors turned red while he translated the Sith writings on the dagger.

After completing the translation C-3PO rebooted, and his memory was wiped in the process, leaving him to restart with his basic factory programming. Upon the group's return to Ajan Kloss, it turned out that R2-D2 had backed up C-3PO's memories to the point where Rey had undertaken her first mission for the Resistance. R2-D2 was able to restore his counterpart's memories from that backup.

During the Battle of Exegol , the Resistance, joined by the Citizens' fleet gathered by Calrissian and Chewbacca, defeated the Final Order fleet and inspired a galactic uprising against the First Order. When he heard the X-wing's approach, he asked R2 if he heard the same, the very same question [10] he had asked his astromech droid friend decades earlier above Tatooine. C-3PO was known for his polite, fastidious, and worry-prone personality. As a droid, he exhibited much loyalty and commitment to his masters and sought to serve them to his best ability.

Unlike his astromech counterpart, R2-D2, C-3PO liked to stick to routine and did not respond well to change. When placed in danger, C-3PO had a tendency to panic as shown on several occasions, including infiltrating a droid foundry on Geonosis [13] and a mission to steal Imperial disruptors on Lothal. In fact, after the Hijacking of the Harbinger , during which Task Force 99 captured him, they remarked to Darth Vader that they were unable to get him to shut up.

C-3PO's inability to lie came at a disadvantage when he and his companions were captured by Ewoks prior to the Battle of Endor. Threepio's programming, focused on etiquette and protocol, [9] impacted his personality and limited his behavior in several other ways. On Endor, he found it difficult to impersonate a deity due to his programming, [17] and during the attack on the Resistance fleet, he attempted to leave a mutiny in progress because it was not correct protocol.

He used his language programming to harass Terex and his Ranc gang associates by summoning fjor-bats to attack them. C-3PO quipped that he was expendable and could be rebuilt. C-3PO was a 3PO-series protocol droid , [6] who stood at a height of 1. As a protocol droid specializing in human and cyborg communications, C-3PO could speak six million different forms of communication, including Ewokese. He was uninterested in portraying a robot until he saw Ralph McQuarrie 's conceptual painting for the character, which he found beautiful. When filming the movie, Daniels wrote out what he imagined R2-D2 was saying to help him get through a scene. Abrams initially asked if he only wanted to supply the voice due to his age, but Daniels was happy to wear the costume again.

To that end, the prop mechanics of the suit were reworked for Daniels from the ground up for easier application and removal, with no changes visible on-screen. Although the Encylopedia on StarWars. Among the languages spoken by C-3PO is actual Polish. While trying to get an audience with Jabba he asks a slightly mangled Polish equivalent of " Does Jabba the Hutt live here? Wookieepedia Explore. The Bad Batch. Star Wars. Featured articles Featured article nominations Good articles Good article nominations Comprehensive articles Comprehensive article nominations How to nominate an article. Getting started on Wookieepedia Uploading and using images Make test edits Report vandalism.

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