Allen Curnow Continuum

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Allen Curnow Continuum

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IGCSE Literature: Continuum by Allen Curnow

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After completing his education, Curnow worked from to at the Christchurch Sun , before moving once again to Auckland to prepare for the Anglican ministry at St John's Theological College — In this period Curnow also published his first poems in University periodicals, such as Kiwi and Phoenix. In Curnow returned to the South Island, where he started a correspondence with Iris Wilkinson and Alan Mulgan , as well as finding a job at The Press , the Christchurch morning daily newspaper, having decided against a career in the Anglican ministry. At the same time, he also started a lifelong friendship with Denis Glover and contributed to the Caxton Press , submitting some of his poems.

He then taught English at Auckland University from to Curnow's first marriage, to Elizabeth "Betty" Le Cren , was dissolved in ; they had a daughter and two sons, one of whom is New Zealand poet and art critic Wystan Curnow. His second marriage was to Jenifer Tole. Curnow wrote a long-running weekly satirical poetry column under the pen-name of Whim Wham for The Press from , and then the New Zealand Herald from , finishing in — a far-reaching period in which he turned his keen wit to many world issues, [4] from Franco, Hitler, Vietnam, Apartheid, and the White Australia policy , to the internal politics of Walter Nash and the eras of Rob Muldoon and David Lange , all interspersed with humorous commentary on New Zealand's obsession with rugby and other light-hearted subjects.

He is, however, more celebrated as poet than as a satirist. His poetic works are heavily influenced by his training for the Anglican ministry, and subsequent rejection of that calling, with Christian imagery, myth and symbolism being included frequently, particularly in his early works such as 'Valley of Decision'. He draws consistently on his experiences in childhood to shape a number of his poems, reflecting perhaps a childlike engagement with the environment in which he grew up, these poems bringing the hopeful, curious, questioning voice that a childlike view entails. Curnow's work of course is not all so innocently reflective. The satirist in Curnow is certainly not pushed aside in his poetic works, but is explored instead with a greater degree of emotional connectivity and self-reflection.

Curnow's works concerning the New Zealand landscape and the sense of isolation experienced by one who lives in an island colony are perhaps his most moving and most deeply pertinent works regarding the New Zealand condition. He positions himself as an outside critic he was far less religiously and politically involved than contemporaries like James K. Ggwp Mathew u beast. Though come on, we all know who u rly r Amazing analysis! At first I didn't understand the poem, but after reading your analysis It made me realise what I'd miss when analyzing it. This is a nice analysis when you want to open your mind about this poem however I found it vague towards stanza 4- 7 as I feel you did not delve enough.

As in what or who are the clouds? What does the planking underfoot represent? Not even the fact that it started it rainingwas mentioned. But overall its a great mind opener but rather shallow. This has made me understand the poem to a great extent because of your detailed analysis and your personal reflections on the poem 'Continuum'. You're a life saver and like someone said earlier, you're a poetry god! I don't even know what I would have done for my assignment if not for you.

I encourage you to keep this up and be oblivious to what the negative people say because you're an amazing person, seriously. I want you to expand this blog and create a website where you can help billions of humanity students across the globe. Once again, thank you Matthew for saving my life and I really wish I could meet you to know you in person because you seem like a brilliant, cool and wonderful person. I really like the Avatar on your profile because I love animes.

Monday, 20 May Continuum - Allen Curnow. Allen Curnow. Summary: The author writes about his inability to sleep due to his inability to come up with material to write about most likely a poem, could be another form of text. He therefore gets up in the dead of night when everyone is asleep and experiences a surreal world as his reality and dreams blend together in one beautiful work of poetry. It is ironic however, that when he finds nothing to write about, he writes about his inability to write. Significant poetic devices and their significance eg: Metaphors, symbols, rhyme scheme, form, imagery, repetition… etc.

No rhyme scheme. It also shows how his confusion affects his interpretation of the world at night as something surreal. Three lines per paragraph. Like this: Like Loading Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Email required Address never made public. Name required. Examination Techniques For Poetry. Post was not sent - check your email addresses!

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