Rodney King Trial Research Paper

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Rodney King Trial Research Paper

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April marks 25 years since Rodney King beating, L.A. riots

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Later, in , Pennsylvania and Virginia agreed to extend the Mason-Dixon Line west by five degrees of longitude to create the border between the two colines-turned-states By , the American Revolution was underway and the colonies were no longer colonies. In , surveyors David Rittenhouse and Andrew Ellicott and their crew completed the survey of the Mason—Dixon line to the southwest corner of Pennsylvania, five degrees from the Delaware River. Other surveyors continued west to the Ohio River. The section of the line between the southwestern corner of Pennsylvania and the river is the county line between Marshall and Wetzel counties, West Virginia. In , during the American Civil War , West Virginia separated from Virginia and rejoined the Union, but the line remained as the border with Pennsylvania.

The Mason—Dixon line along the southern Pennsylvania border later became informally known as the boundary between the free Northern states and the slave Southern states. The official report on the survey, issued in , did not even mention their names. But despite its lowly status as a line on a map, it eventually gained prominence in United States history and collective memory because of what it came to mean to some segments of the American population.

It first took on this meaning in when Pennsylvania abolished slavery. Over time, more northern states would do the same until all the states north of the line did not allow slavery. This made it the border between slave states and free states. Slaves who managed to escape from their plantations would try to make their way north, past the Mason-Dixon Line. However, in the early years of United States history , when slavery was still legal in some Northern states and fugitive slave laws required anyone who found a slave to return him or her to their owner, meaning Canada was often the final destination.

Yet it was no secret the journey got slightly easier after crossing the Line and making it into Pennsylvania. Because of this, the Mason-Dixon Line became a symbol in the quest for freedom. Making it across significantly improved your chances of making it to freedom. Today, the Mason-Dixon Line does not have the same significance obviously, since slavery is no longer legal although it still serves as a useful demarcation in terms of American politics. Beyond this, the line still serves as the border, and anytime two groups of people can agree on a border for a long time, everyone wins. Instead, people in the North were just as racist, but they went about it in different ways. They were more subtle. And they were quick to judge Southern racist, pushing attention away from them.

In fact, segregation still existed in many northern cities, especially when it came to housing, and attitudes towards blacks were far from warm and welcoming. Boston, a city very much in the North, has had a long history of racism, yet Massachusetts was one of the first states to abolish slavery. As a result, to say the Mason-Dixon Line separated the country by social attitude is a gross mischaracterization. But the Mason-Dixon Line is best understood as the unofficial border between the North and the South as well as the divider between free and slave states.

Although it still serves as the border of three states, the Mason-Dixon Line is most likely waning in significance. Its unofficial role as a border between the North and South only really remains because of the political differences between the states on each side. However, the political dynamic in the country is changing rapidly, especially as demographics shift. Information about customers is confidential and never disclosed to third parties. We complete all papers from scratch. You can get a plagiarism report. If you're confident that a writer didn't follow your order details, ask for a refund.

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