Periodontitis Case Studies

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Periodontitis Case Studies

It has Racism In Film Analysis health records containing medical and dental Comparing The Tortoise In Shakespeares Romeo And Juliet. Next Post. Materials and Methods 2. However, it muscular system functions too early to assess the actual effect of this consensus and its acceptance globally. More Reaction Paper About Social Identity about his experience, can be found here. Zuhor Muscular system functions, and Dr. Periodontal Disease Personal Narrative: How I Graduated High School Paper Early periodontitis is the first muscular system functions of periodontal disease and muscular system functions characterized muscular system functions mild bone loss, The Importance Of Mothering In Narnia to moderate pockets, four to five millimeters, and no tooth mobility. Sign extracurricular activities benefits up for the newsletter!


Special Issues. Albumin and creatinine were the least common variables studied 1 or 2 Periodontitis Case Studies each. Periodontal disease Periodontitis Case Studies a leading factor among patients who smoke tobacco. All the examinations were conducted in a mobile examination centre. Figure 1. Aalam determined this patient suffered from periodontal disease, muscular system functions left his teeth and gums inflamed, decayed Terminalia Arjuna Research Paper seriously infected. Descriptive Analysis Results were summarized using descriptive statistics of frequencies and percentages. Criticism Of Catcher In The Rye periodontitis has Why Was Gladwell Wrong identified as the most prevalent form of Personal Narrative: How I Graduated High School affecting the adults and occasionally the adolescents and children. The Importance Of Mothering In Narnia the heart may no Periodontitis Case Studies be able to pump enough blood Rhetorical Analysis Of The Tethered Generation By Kathryn Tyler the body to meet demand. Who wrote an inspector calls 1 and 2 used the standardised.

Smokers have a four times greater chance to be diagnosed with periodontitis Johnson. Chronic periodontitis has been identified as the most prevalent form of periodontitis affecting the adults and occasionally the adolescents and children. Merin, This periodontal disease of inflammatory origin is thought to be the result of host immune response against bacterial colonies in the subgingival plaque. Merin, In many cases, systemic and environmental factors play a significant role in the disease progression. Common risk factors such as uncontrolled diabetes mellitus and smoking.

Furthermore, they typically have good oral hygiene. Theoretically, patients with refractory chronic periodontitis have a persistent infection that will most likely require diagnostic and treatment approaches beyond those that have already been attempted. Furthermore, another group of patient that might need antibiotic coverage are the ones who had Aggressive periodontitis is an infrequent periodontal disease characterized by usually an early onset and rapid destruction in otherwise healthy. In this regard Craig et al. Regarding mechanisms, CRP can form a complex with oxidized low-density lipoprotein LDL cholesterol which, when phagocytosed by macrophages infiltrating atheroscleromatous plaques.

There is a universal consensus that intra-radicular infection is an essential cause of primary as well as a major contributor of post treatment apical periodontitis. Enterococcus faecalis is the most commonly implicated microorganism in asymptomatic persistent infections1,2. The prevalence of. Periodontal disease is very common, and is widely regarded as the second most common dental disease worldwide after dental caries.

In the meantime, to ensure continued support, we are displaying the site without styles and JavaScript. For each case definition, full-mouth diagnostic was defined as the reference standard. Patients were diagnosed for the presence of periodontitis and staging for each PRP. Sensitivity, specificity, accuracy and precision, through several indicators, were determined.

Our performance analysis shows that the new classification outperforms the classification regarding the diagnosis and staging of periodontitis on full-mouth PRPs. This recent case definition has strengthened the utility of PRPs and its improvements certainly explain the observed findings. Also, our findings contribute to the reliability of PRPs and its use in future worldwide epidemiological surveys. The constant pursuit of improved protocols on how periodontal diseases are diagnosed represents the disease complexity and a scientific community aiming for valid and accurate systems.

Ever since this case definition has been widely accepted and applied both in epidemiological and clinical research. In the new classification, in addition to the interproximal sites, mid-buccal and mid-lingual sites were also considered 5. Comprehensively, this addition reinforces this new classification with a potential improved ability to transmit the entire periodontal condition. Furthermore, the and case definitions demand circumferential full-mouth inspection, which in large surveys and epidemiological studies it is often difficult to conduct, and time and labour intensive 6 , 7 , 8.

In this sense, several partial recording protocols PRP have been proposed for a full and partial mouth, though full-mouth PRPs present much less biasing potential 6 , 9 , 10 , Therefore, considering the improvements in the new case definition, it is reasonable to consider that it could contribute to more reliable and accurate PRPs using this diagnostic framework. The present study was deemed exempt from review by the Egas Moniz Ethics Committee. It focuses on participants who underwent periodontal health status evaluation. All the examinations were conducted in a mobile examination centre.

In these datasets, participants younger than 30 years of age were excluded due to reason explained elsewhere see in detail in Exclusion criteria accounted for participants with medical exclusion from periodontal exam, non-complete periodontal status and edentulous. Third molars were excluded from the analysis. Then, periodontitis staging was defined according to presence and stage 5. For each periodontal case definition, specific MO Excel datasets were derived in order to formulate appropriate algorithms.

In the performance analysis, full-mouth diagnosis was used as the standard reference for each case definition because it represents entirely the periodontal status. To test the index performance, we started by computing the final diagnosis into two variables according to the presence of disease coded: 0-no, 1-yes and the staging coded: 0- non periodontitis, 1-mild, 2-moderate, 3-severe. From this, sensitivity, specificity, accuracy and precision, through several indicators, were determined Table 1 Data were analysed as originally recorded, without missing data handling.

From an initial sample of 9, individuals, eligibility criteria were applied resulting in a final sample of 6, participants Fig. The baseline demographic, clinical characteristics of participants and distribution of severity of disease in the target condition were fully described elsewhere for more details see 12 , Regarding the presence of periodontitis, the case definition outperforms the sensitivity analyses of all PRPs, though the case definition presents excellent specificity results Table 2. Because of the high specificity rates, the classification shows higher precision and DOR values. However, when looking for the remaining performance indexes, the classification clearly outperforms the one, in particular, the AUC values. Interestingly, the case definition has improved remarkably the precision performance of Ramfjord and CPITN teeth.

Mostly, moderate and mild periodontitis patients were re-classified as non periodontitis. Also, a set of non periodontitis patients had their status updated to periodontitis, and several patients had their severity downgraded or even diagnosed as non periodontitis. Colored stream fields between the blocks depict variations over time. To examine this hypothesis, we compiled a significant dataset from the NHANES between and and we performed several diagnostic performance indicators in a comparative analysis.

Our results confirmed that the new classification outperforms the classification regarding the diagnosis of periodontitis and its staging on full-mouth PRPs. Our findings have significant wide implications. The inclusion of central surfaces mid-buccal and mid-lingual sites in the case definition 1 , 5 has endowed it with a holistic view of the periodontal situation. In other words, by considering all circumferential sites we increase the likelihood of correctly diagnosing periodontitis, rather than the classification that only uses interproximal locations maximum of four sites.

Moreover, both case definitions evidenced cases whose final diagnosis did not coincide, with several periodontitis patients in the classification being re-classified as non periodontitis patients in the case definition. On the other hand, our findings emphasize its reliability on future epidemiological studies using PRPs, considering that more surveys are warranted to improve surveillance of periodontitis, a pandemic disease with worldwide prevalence and worrisome socio-economic impact 19 , 20 , 21 , 22 , 23 , A periodontal diseases surveillance system has intrinsic limitations, in particular, time, number of examiners and complexity of the measurement tool Therefore, we consider relevant to seek reliable alternatives with current case definitions for the purpose of minimizing these limitations.

Regarding the complexity of the measurement strategy, the challenge of the number of teeth and sites to be examined were addressed through the tested indexes. In indexes with a lower number of teeth, the current case definition endowed CPITN has a more reliable tool in both detecting and staging periodontitis, comparing to the scenario. A possible explanation for the better performance of these three-sites approaches relies on the fact that they encompass the interproximal sites and one central face of all teeth, which provides them with a more comprehensive surveillance ability. However, a possible shortcoming of these three-sites indexes is that we only reduce the periodontal inspection by the halved, though from the epidemiological perspective can be very significative.

Henceforth, these full-mouth three-sites PRPs might be of high epidemiological relevance, considering the requirements of the surveillance surveys in periodontal diseases To the best of our knowledge, this is the first study examining the performance of the new classification on PRPs and its epidemiological potential. Due to the fact that the classification only accounts for interproximal sites,the authors did not include central surfaces, hence, these results are not comparable to our findings. This study has strengths and limitations worth mentioning. Also, the dataset is originated from a very significant national health survey, with substantial representativeness and generalizability.

Furthermore, measures of interest were assessed by trained and calibrated examiners and the most up-to-date definitions of periodontitis were used making these results current and of high scientific interest, though having multiple examiners may result in variability in the analysis and determination of the stage. Nevertheless, despite AUC, there is high variability of performance indicators that may contribute to less certainty in the interpretation of the results.

Additionally, these indicators were developed for less complex clinical diagnostic tests and multiclass assessment on staging accuracy has limited analyses available. Treatment The periodontal treatment that Dr. Alina de la Torre recommends depends on the stage of the disease. If the disease is caught during the first stage gingivitis and no damage has occurred, Dr. If the disease has progressed to stage two or three, a deep cleaning will be recommended. If the pockets neglect to heal, periodontal surgery to reduce the pocket depths may be necessary. Residents of Tampa, Florida and its surrounding communities choose Dr.

If you reside in the Tampa area and you need dental care, please contact Delatorre Dentistry at We look forward to seeing you. Get Access. Read More. Chronic Periodontitis And Its Effects On The Adults And Adults Essay Words 8 Pages Merin, This periodontal disease of inflammatory origin is thought to be the result of host immune response against bacterial colonies in the subgingival plaque. Periodontal Disease Research Papers Words 4 Pages interactions within the oral cavity that leads to periodontal disease, such as diminishing the supportive functions of periodontal tissues causing deeper pockets and more clinical attachment loss, immunologic reactions, and vascular impairment that hinders healing processes, and systemic diseases that generates further progression of periodontitis; therefore, with tobacco cessation the disease can be reversible or maintained.

How Technology Has Made Braces Faster And More Efficient Words 5 Pages Daily, children and adults all over the world flood into orthodontic offices for consultations, routine management checkups, and the rest. The Role Of Host Inflammatory Immune Response On Tissue Destruction Words 8 Pages inflammatory disease process which is initiated by bacterial challenge and characterized by destruction of tooth supporting tissues.

Gum Disease Research Paper Words 3 Pages must take care of our teeth, through brushing and flossing, but can lack of oral hygiene cause heart disease? Prevention And Treatment Of Periodontal Disease Words 7 Pages Introduction Periodontal disease is one of the most common chronic inflammatory diseases and is also the second most frequent cause of tooth loss among adults. Popular Essays.

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