Advantages And Disadvantages Of Designer Babies

Friday, March 18, 2022 3:37:49 AM

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Designer Babies

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Some manufacturers are already using this option in their research and development phase of product development. We may see more new drugs that work faster and better than ever before because of the science that exists behind this action. It allows parents to set their own limits on the work being completed. The reality of this field of medicine would be that the parents of the child would be in control of each step and process. They would decide how far the work would go — or if it was even necessary in the first place.

Until something changes, the government does not control the means of reproduction that people use. It would give parents a chance to give their child something new. The processes of genetic editing offer parents an opportunity to give their children something that they never had. It is a way to restore genetics, eliminate mitochondrial disorders, and accomplish additional benefits for future generations that were not possible before. We already find it acceptable for women to take higher levels of folate during a pregnancy to reduce the risks of autism and other developmental disorders.

This scientific process would become another way to ensure that infants have a healthy start to life. It could offer us a way to create more organ matches. According to information published by UNOS, there is someone new added to the national transplant waiting list in the United States for an organ. About 20 people die every day on average while waiting for their transplant. Over , people are currently waiting on a kidney, followed by 14, for a liver, and then about 4, for a heart. If therapeutic cloning and genetic manipulation worked together, it could be possible to create organs that were an exact match to an individual, further reducing the chances of a rejection after a transplant procedure. It would allow the gender of the child to be chosen.

Parents would be able to choose the gender of their child, along with specific favorable characteristics, when going through the process of creation for a designer baby. Although these issues might seem unethical to some, a family with three boys might want to have a girl — or vice-versa. This process would help to make that outcome a reality without relying on the gamble of natural genetics. It could reduce issues with societal discrimination. There are many challenging choices that families face when their child is born with a disability.

Not only is there the concern about offering a lifetime of care, but there is also the worry about who will care for their children after they are gone. The scientific processes which can create designer babies would also make it possible to reduce the impact of discrimination in society, make it possible to provide better assistance, and create better outcomes for the average person.

It could reduce bullying. Kids often become bullies because they lack confidence in their own life in some way. The process of creating designer babies would create a shift in this dynamic because it would allow each child to maximize their benefits. Although there would likely still be differences in intelligence, athletic ability, and other preferences, kids would also have the self-confidence in knowing that their abilities were enhanced to reinforce their own self-esteem. It offers safety concerns which we cannot ignore. Before we even address the ethics of creating designer babies, there is a safety factor which we must first address.

When slight changes are made to the genetics of an individual, then there is an increased chance that unexpected results may occur. The efforts to create a child which is resilient to HIV infections could introduce new and even more dangerous diseases into the human race. There are concerns that genetic editing in the womb could lead to premature birth, stillbirth, or natural abortion as well — all of which are unthinkable results for the parents involved. It creates an ethical dilemma for some individuals. There are two ethical segments to consider here: one involves science, while the other involves faith, religion, or spirituality. Some would say that modifying human genomes to fit a specific profile for any purpose is unnatural.

There is an approach in this disadvantage which would go as far as to say that tinkering with designer babies places humanity in the role of playing God. Even though this process could reduce or eliminate disease on our planet, there is a natural component that exists of a person falling ill and experiencing a premature death. It would reduce the diversity of humanity. This concern offers the potential of outweighing all of the other ones. When we begin to change the genetic profile of individuals before they are born, then we are setting the stage to limit the amount of genetic diversity that is available to us. The impact would be similar to what we would experience if human cloning were practiced during the stage of life potentiality as well.

When there is a lack of diversity within human populations, the rate of disease and mutation increase exponentially. We can already see this amongst the Ashkenazi Jewish population, where specific genetic disorders are more common than in the general population. Gaucher disease, cystic fibrosis, Tay-Sachs disease, familial dysautonomia, and spinal muscular atrophy are all high-risk elements brought about by a lack of diversity. Although genetic editing could theoretically help to treat these issues, it may create new ones in the future to worry about as well.

It could enhance the socioeconomic differences in society. Genetic editing, just like any other medical tool, would be widely available in the population centers who could afford this work. Even if the processes are refined in such a way that it becomes possible to purchase these services without being wealthy, the majority of the world would still not be able to take advantage of this process. It might only provide temporary relief from our health concerns. If there is one thing that Mother Nature knows how to do well, it is to adapt to changing circumstances. We might experience something similar when creating designer babies as well. The future of genetic manipulation does look promising on some levels, but it must be pointed out that antibiotics were once seen as the future answer to medical issues as well.

It could create a new social class of humans. Their genetic manipulation could make them stand apart from the rest of their peers. It could lead to the need to create specific standards of intelligence, sociability, creativity, or other wanted outcomes at birth. There is a very real possibility that the countries with the most access to this technology would continue to pull away in their standard of living compared to that of the developing world. It offers no guarantee of future success.

Although we will not know the outcome of the gene editing work performed in China in for some time, it is possible to look at the data coming out of the research studies which are focused on genetic therapies. We have discovered that most treatments like these offer high levels of potential on paper, but it is not something that produces results in real-life situations. Most people who receive these treatments revert back to their previous state as soon as the therapy concludes. There is a real chance that designer babies would do the same thing. It is a process which could encourage genetic doping.

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