Social Control In Brave New World

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Social Control In Brave New World

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Brave New World - Thug Notes Summary and Analysis

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Cover page format for case study. Four major types of essays an essay on the best moment of my life. Essay on how to save the environment Essay on why the second amendment is important, description of a thunderstorm essay what does an informative essay look like! Short essays on feminist essay on northern areas of pakistan how to write an essay on teenage pregnancy. Huxley stated in Brave New World Revisited that the only way to create a permanently stable society is for a totalitarian regime to have absolute power.

The regime must then ensure that people are happy all the time, be able to control the behavior of each individual, and ensure that independent thinkers are forbidden from disturbing the social fabric. Huxley creates a society that frowns on individual creativity and that only welcomes those who conform. The social motto "Community, Identity, Stability" frames this social structure. Huxley generates "community" by dividing the population into segments, where the Alphas serve as intellectual superiors and Epsilons function as pure menial labor. Huxley shows how "identity" comes from the Conditioning Centre through the selection of the embryos into each of five groups.

The fundamental tenet behind the society is utilitarianism, which describes a society that seeks to create the maximum happiness. Limiting the intelligence of each person to fit their future job is one way this society makes them happy. Thus, Alphas receive challenging jobs and Epsilons receive grunt work that would be boring for higher caste members. The goal of utilitarianism is to make the society "happier" and thus more efficient. The society described by Huxley is therefore a "utilitarian totalitarianism. They watch "Neo-Pavlovian Conditioning," a technique that trains infants.

Here, the use of electric shocks and sirens in response to touching roses or books modifies the behavior of Deltas. This discourages behavior that might destabilize society, such as allowing Deltas to read books and acquire knowledge. The students also view a group of sleeping infants who receive moral instruction through hypnopaedic learning as they sleep. Sleeping babies listen to repeated catchphrases, and in this chapter, infant Betas listen to a tape played hundreds of times which indoctrinates them to believe they are superior to Gammas, Deltas and Epsilons, but not as clever as Alphas.

Huxley reveals some of the main sources of social stability. Science creates and conditions people to become happy members of society. The comment by the Director, "What man has joined, nature is powerless to put asunder," reveals the extent that the conditioning can alter behavior. Huxley expands this concept to humans, who use it to condition the babies of the lower classes.

In his example, Deltas learn to avoid roses and books by giving them electric shocks when they touch those items. Psychologically, this conditioning also lowers these classes to the status of animals. The use of hypnopaedia strengthens the conditioning and indicates the subversive nature of the state. Huxley is showing the readers that propaganda starts at birth and can occur even when we are unaware of it, as when sleeping. He reinforces the point that people are unaware of how influential the propaganda is by constantly having his characters quote "hypnopaedic phrases.

The goal of the state is to ensure social stability, and the conditioning creates the "community" by segregating each infant into separate classes. This promotes stability by creating a group of workers with state-controlled preferences. Thus, economic stability comes from creating preferences that promote spending. This is touched on more in Chapter 3. The student tour goes outside where they watch some children playing a game of Centrifugal Bumble-puppy. The game is elaborate and requires complex machinery. They learn that the heavy reliance on machinery increases consumption of material goods and thus boost the economy.

Young children are also encouraged to play erotic, sexual games. A boy who refuses to play with a young girl must go to a psychologist. The Director begins to talk about the past when parents rather than the state raised children. Mustapha Mond , the Controller of Western Europe, interrupts him and tells the students that the "home" consisted of a mother, father, and children and, along with being diseased and smelly, contained overbearing intimacies and emotions. Freud receives credit for showing that the "appalling dangers of family life" lead to individual instability.

Whether intentionally imposed on society, or not, one thing is certain: Technology and the endless supply of stimulating yet morally degrading entertainment that flows from it is creating a passive, ignorant, and spiritually crippled population uninterested in resisting the implementation of its political chains — just as Huxley warned:. But it is not just an endless supply of distractions which makes possible a Brave New World.

Every night, while asleep, citizens were exposed to propaganda and repeated suggestions from the State. Huxley based his idea of sleep-teaching on the science of hypnosis. Scientists have long known that when an individual is placed under hypnosis alpha waves are activated in the brain, just as they are when in a light sleep. In both cases, suggestibility is dramatically heightened. As Huxley explained:. Verbal suggestions can be passed through the…cortex to the midbrain, the brain stem and the autonomic nervous system. If these suggestions are well conceived and frequently repeated…new patterns of feeling can be installed and old ones modified, posthypnotic commands can be given, slogans, formulas and trigger words deeply ingrained in the memory.

While not subjects of sleep-teaching, many people in the modern world watch television, on a near daily basis, for hours on end. Scientists have known for decades that television watching activates alpha waves in the brain, thus placing the individual in a hypnotic-like trance — primed for suggestions and ready to be programmed. The neurosurgeon Adam Lipson explains:. When in a television-induced hypnotic state, cliches and slogans from the mainstream media, moral values and ideological principles from shows and movies, and suggestions from commercials, politicians, celebrities, and state-sponsored propaganda bypass the critical faculties and seep into the foundations of the mind.

Nearly seventy years ago, the medical doctor Joost Meerloo warned of the hypnotizing dangers of television, dangers which now apply to computers, smart-phones, and any other technology which turns the human being into a mesmerized spectator of a screen. Consciously he may protest against these anonymous voices, but nevertheless their suggestions ooze into his system. In Brave New World, suggestibility was heightened not just through the use of technology, but also with a super drug called Soma. Soma had no physiological drawbacks. When taken in small doses it stimulated a sense of bliss, and in larger doses it generated pleasant hallucinations and a refreshing sleep. Today, not one Soma-like super-drug, but a whole concoction of drugs including but not limited to alcohol, marijuana, psychotropics, opioids, and sleeping-pills, are readily used as a means of escaping reality.

The widespread use of drugs in our day has socio-political ramifications. For a drugged-up society, just like a dumbed-down society, is more easily conditioned into servitude. The chemical-dependent is not a politically vigilant person who is ready to defend liberty — and as Meerloo wrote:. The society of Brave New World was also organized into a scientific caste system.

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